Letters to the editor — Thursday (9-22-16)

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rowan responders show remarkable compassion

Aug. 23 at 6:38 p.m., I made the call no parent ever wants to make — to 911 for my 4-year-old, Natalie.

Five minutes and 14 seconds later, Dale, a first responder, was there. Moments later, a small army of Rowan County EMTs and responders arrived.

The longest hour passed, and her heart was beating; Natalie had a chance. But their services continued to go beyond just another emergency call and became a true act of compassion.

A week later, three members of the West Rowan Fire Department made the two-hour drive to attend Nat’s visitation, and three different members attended her funeral services the next day. As if that was not enough, members of the WRFD stopped by my parents’ house on Sept. 16 to offer continued condolences and support to my family more than three weeks removed from Natalie’s accident.

I wanted to make sure that people in Rowan County realize just how good we have it. Led by Chief Johnny Morrison, this group of men and women have done so much more than simply respond to a call. They first gave us hope where there was none, and then tried to help us deal with tragedy with their continued prayers and support. Simply amazing.

— Stephen Lippard


We deserve better

Please, please, let’s not put those Clintons back in the White House. We would be the laughingstock of the world. That we would turn a blind to Hillary’s illegal behavior says “we are very careless and foolish.” What nations and their leaders could respect us?

President Bush went back to Texas. Carter went back to Georgia, Reagan to California. The Clintons are getting too rich playing their games and refuse to leave. So it is up to us to send them home. They need rest, as her health issues keep coming up and we certainly need a rest from them.

She wants us to believe she is going to take care of us. The truth is, she wants our vote so that we can continue taking care of them.

Please don’t vote for Hillary because it is time for a woman president. A woman would be fine; she is just not qualified for the job. She has proven that herself.

Nor because she is a Democrat. Parents and grandparents of our generation would not recogize their party. It has moved so much toward socialism. What percentage of our income will we be willing to turn over to government?

Certainly not because of sympathy for her, due to poor health and poor memory, which she uses as excuses for her failures. She blames, not knowing or understanding her job, when dumping all those emails and didn’t know that “c” stood for “classified.”

Just too much says she is not qualified. We deserve better.

— Donna Kesler