Letters to the editor – Saturday – 9-17-16

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hillary’s history does not bode well for country

Hillary Clinton is going to defeat ISIS? Will she do it in the same way she did at Benghazi, where our embassy was overrun, bombed and its staff murdered? When in the history of our nation has this happened before?

She said she could handle Russian President Vladimir Putin, but that was before the Democratic National Committee was hacked, supposedly by the Russians. Seems even the Russians hate Hillary.

What of Bill sending her to the former Yugoslavia, where she claimed anti-aircraft fire caused a “wild corkscrew landing,” where she “had to run on the tarmac to avoid sniper fire?” Video shows none of this happened.

The Clinton Foundation raised $143 million, of which $9 million went in grants to the poor and needy. We can only wonder how much went to her campaign.

She claimed not to know that a “C” on emails meant “classified” or “secret.” Previously, she said she had received no classified emails.

She used at least 13 different devices to email; to date she has been able to find none. Congress subpoenaed thousands of her emails, yet they were deleted post haste. Ignorance on her part or covering her own posterior?

One of her chief supporters, Maryland Sen. Elijah Cummings, turned on a brother and urged her to blame Colin Powell, even though a year after the fact. Powell was not happy and said, “They’re trying to hang it on me.”

If you like Obama, you’ll love Hillary. Otherwise, beware. More disasters and lies await.

— W.F. Owens


Editor’s note: In 2013, the Clinton Foundation raised just under $143 million, gave $9 million in grants and spent $68 million operating projects around the world, according to PolitiFact.

Equal opportunity

The writer is responding to a column by Dr. Ada Fisher in Wednesday’s Post, “What do we have to lose?”

I respect Dr. Fisher and all that she has done for N.C. That being said, I disagree with some things. First, what is wrong with three strikes you’re out? It applies to everyone and is supposed to make criminals think twice before committing another crime. Do I think that blacks get treated unfairly by the judicial system? Some times. But, then again, look at Michael Jackson.

I have a real problem with people generalizing and saying that blacks don’t get a fair shake when it comes to opportunities and education. That’s just plain bull. They sit in the same classroom with the same teacher as white kids. If a student chooses to not come to school or do the work that is required, it’s on them, not the system. If a person chooses to commit a crime, that’s on them, not the system.

This election is important to our country and I know that many people think “the Donald” can do the job. So be it, but not me.

— Vickey St. Lawrence