Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:32 am Sunday, September 11, 2016

1. Supporters of Salisbury High School recently gave SHS a check for $145,900 to complete what project?

A. New band instruments

B. Air conditioning for the gym

C. Landscaping

D. Resurfacing for tennis courts


 2. Although Republicans make up the largest portion of registered voters in Rowan (about 37,000), followed by Democrats (about 28,600), unaffiliated voters are a growing demographic. About how many voters in Rowan choose not to register with a specific party?

A. 26,000

B. 20,000

C. 15,400

D. 12,200


 3. The Rowan County United Way kicked off its annual fundraising campaign Wednesday evening at the J.F. Hurley YMCA. What is this year’s fundraising goal?

A. $2.5 million

B. $2 million

C. $1.5 million

D. $1 million


 4. Rowan County appears to have a buyer who’s offered $20,000 for the West Innes Street property that formerly housed Social Services and other county offices. Who’s the likely buyer?

A. Cheerwine

B. The Robertson Foundation

C. NASCAR driver Mike Wallace

D. Livingstone College


5. Freightliner has unveiled its new Cascadia heavy duty semi-trailer truck, which will be built at the company’s Cleveland plant. Which of these is among the features touted in the new model’s sleeper area?

A. Built-in Keurig brewing station

B. Patented “Sleep-Ezy” noise cancellation system

C. Therapeutic mattresses

D. Can accommodate a 26-inch flat screen TV


 6. In the master plan for county parks approved by Rowan commissioners this week, what new facility may be added to Dunn’s Mountain Park in the future?

A. Rock climbing course

B. Horse trail

C. Mountain biking course

D. Skateboarding arena


 7. The N.C. Board of Elections has approved Rowan County’s early voting plan, which includes six early voting sites. What is the final day for early voting?

A. Oct. 22

B. Oct. 29

C. Nov. 1

D.  Nov. 5


8. Salisbury resident Brad Foster is developing his first feature film, a comedy about workers at a box store. How is he raising moneyto help fund the venture?

A. Auctioning off a cameo role in the movie

B. Through product placement in the movie

C. Through a Kickstarter campaign

D. By selling moving boxes


Answers below:


1. B

2. A

3. C

4. C

5. D

6. A

7. D

8. C