Letters to the editor – Sunday – 9-11-16

Published 9:42 pm Saturday, September 10, 2016

J.K. Rowling could not make this up

Exposing Hillary Clinton as the most dishonest crook to ever seek public office is like taking candy from a baby.

The FBI interrogation “302 forms” which were recently released revealed statements from Clinton like “not aware of security concerns via owning an unsecured private server.” She couldn’t give examples of classified documents, and, “not aware that drone strikes were classified documents.” (Every junior military person with a security clearance knows that!)

N.Y. Post D.C. bureau chief Daniel Halper reports that Clinton (and team) forgot/couldn’t remember a total of 327 times throughout depositions and interviews, according to an analysis from the Republican National Committee.

Hillary swore under oath to the House Benghazi Committee of “turning over all work-related emails,” yet another 17,800 were found. Here’s a shocking revelation: they’re still looking for the first yoga class or wedding email. I dare J.K. Rowling to make this hogwash up!

It gets better. Hillary had at least 13 different non-secure electronic devices (another lie) that disappeared via hammer whacks and magic (felony), and a laptop containing America’s most sensitive secrets “lost in the mail.” Another felony.

Now stay with me. On March 3 and 4, 2015, Congress issued an email preservation order and subpoenas to Clinton. On March 25, 2015, Clinton’s legal team held a conference call with the IT (illegal server) firm. By March 31, 2015, the firm had illegally deleted Clinton’s email archives. Another felony.

While the vast majority of the news media — including this newspaper — completely ignore the blue whale in the room, they desperately try to plug the cracks in Hillary’s Titanic with Juicy Fruit.

Independent voters are waking up. Julian Assange (Wikileaks) is Santa Claus, and Christmas is coming early. While Hillary may get coal in her stocking, the citizens of America may have a wonderful Christmas. Ho-ho-ho.

— Randy Biggerstaff


Golf for RHM

I would like to thank the Rowan County community for the generous support that they have given through my Birdies for Hope golf fundraiser.

As Rowan Helping Ministries celebrates their 30th anniversary this month, I will be continuing my fundraiser through the end of October, with two more golf tournaments.

Please visit rowanhelpingministries.org to offer your support and learn about how you can make a difference by volunteering for this special organization.

— Michael Childress


Mastering parks

About 12 years ago I met with the director of Rowan County parks. We discussed a tobacco ban, a dog park and a volunteer program.

The director said he would love to see tobacco banned, but he didn’t see any way to enforce it. He said he didn’t see any need for a dog park, because you could have a dog anywhere in the park as long as it was on a leash. For the volunteer program, he said he already had one and Bob Pendergrass was in charge of it. I took that as a joke.

Now with this new master plan, why has no one considered the tobacco ban or hiring a new master to manage the park?

— Whitey Harwood

Rowan County