Letters to the editor – Wednesday – 9-7-16

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Clinton and Trump are not the only alternatives

Now that the Labor Day weekend is behind us, I guess we need to brace ourselves for the ramp up of the fall U.S. presidential campaign.

Ms. Clinton will continue to be haunted with questions about e-mails, and the Donald will continue to find ways to dominate the daily news cycle and play the media as he is so expert in doing.

Some of us are fed up and have turned away to find Gary Johnson as a viable alternative. He has received almost zero attention from the media and is polling at 10 percent. His numbers would most likely be higher if the media would recognize that this is indeed a three-way race.

When is the Post going to step up and recognize the fact that a significant number of us will not vote for either Ms. Clinton or The Donald?

— Eric Marsh

China Grove

Sometimes you get to smile

I just want to say that Salisbury has many unnoticed angels; you just have to look.

I take my 83-year-old mother out to eat, pay bills and do errands the first of every month, and August was no different (I thought).

My mom said, “Betty, get over there behind that convertible.” I didn’t want or need to but did. The two women in the red convertible (that loves sea turtles) were singing and dancing and laughing.

I said, “Mom, why did you want to be behind them?” They looked silly to me.

She said, “You can’t always see the angels, but if it makes you happy and you wanna sing and dance, then maybe they are already around you.”

And then she said, “You got behind these happy girls because I said so.”

So, to the girls in the red convertible, keep dancing, because my mom loves it.

Remember, Salisbury has many hidden, beautiful people that can bring a smile to those around them without even trying.

— Mitzi Betty Williams


Pray about this election

This November on the eighth day of the 11th month of the year, there will be a election. It will be no ordinary election; there will be a lot at stake for decades to come.

There will be Supreme Court justices elevated, our economy will be on the table and immigration proposals such as building a giant wall will be on the table.

I think we should pray to Jesus who is best for our country and let him chose who he wants to lead the country.

— Sterling Pless