Letters to the editor – Tuesday – 9-6-16

Published 12:40 am Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Roy Cooper should step down as attorney general

We the people of North Carolina elected Roy Cooper to be North Carolina’s attorney general. As attorney general, Roy Cooper’s main responsibility was to represent all the people and defend the state of North Carolina in all legal matters. His other responsibility is to administrate the legal system of the state, insuring that all who violate the law are punished in accordance with those laws.

When Mr. Cooper took his oath of office, he swore to perform the duties outlined above. When he decided not to defend the state in all legal matters, he should have resigned as attorney general.

There have been two major cases where Mr. Cooper has refused to perform his duties.

  The first was in defense of revised election laws. The moment Mr. Cooper refused to enthusiastically defend the new election laws passed by the General Assembly, he should have immediately resigned.

  The second was in defense of the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act (HB2). Again, the moment Mr. Cooper decided he could not or would not zealously defend HB2, he should have resigned.

Mr. Cooper has refused to defend the state in the above two high-profile cases. In spite of his unwillingness to defend North Carolina, he is now asking the people of North Carolina to elect him governor.

If we elect Mr. Cooper to the governorship, will he continue to refuse to defend the state and disgrace the office of governor and the people of the great state of North Carolina?

Our state has begun to improve over the last six years. Now is not the time to elect someone to office who has shown an unwillingness to support the people of North Carolina.

— Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount

Plenty of conservatives

We have been subscribers to The Salisbury Post since 1974 and consider this our hometown newspaper.

However, recently, it has become quite apparent that the paper is only interested in news that suits its liberal agenda. The editorials that are run and the columns that we read are constant proof of this. There is never an article about Donald Trump that is anything but a put down.

The articles about Hillary Clinton are the good things she is doing. It is not like Hillary Clinton has not given the press more to criticize than any candidate that has ever run for public office in the history of this nation. But of course, we never read about that, ever.

I find myself reading less and less of the paper due to this yellow journalism.

After working at the polls for a decade, I can assure you that there are plenty of conservatives in Rowan County. Just once, we too would like to read news that is not colored to make liberals shine and conservatives look bad. People are subscribing to papers less and less these days, which I think is sad. However, I am beginning to understand why after wading through more and more of your liberal fodder.

— Anne Corriher

China Grove

Editor’s response: It’s the Post’s goal to present fair and balanced coverage in news and a variety of viewpoints on the Opinion page. We will redouble our efforts.