Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 4, 2016

1. An overgrown field at the end of West Bank Street in Salisbury has been blamed for at least two years worth of problems with rodents, snakes, groundhogs and raccoons. Who owns the land in question?

A. Rowan County

B. Livingstone College

C. Hefner VA Medical Center

D. City of Salisbury

2. The United Way of Rowan County lowered its fund-raising goal for 2016. Rounded off, this year’s United Way goal is what?

A. $1.5 million

B. $7.5 million

C. $11 million

D. $16 million

3. Which of the following is not true about test scores released this past Thursday for Rowan-Salisbury Schools?

A. Bostian was the best performing elementary school

B. China Grove was the best performing middle school

C. Carson was one of the best performing high schools in Rowan County

D. Rowan County Early College showed the most improvement among high schools

4. Salisbury artist Joe Heilig recently transformed a rock outcropping in Faith into what?

A. A lady bug

B. A monarch butterfly

C. An American flag

D. A box turtle

5. Philanthropist Christine Morykwas donated a $1 million cat wing to the Rowan Animal Shelter earlier this year. What was her reaction when she heard the animal shelter had failed a recent state inspection.

A. “There just needs to be a complete overhaul.’

B. “I don’t believe it. I’m still going to give money for a new dog wing.”

C. “Things would be better if the county could afford more staff.”

D. “The state inspector went a little overboard.”

6. WSTP-AM 1490 quit broadcasting for good at midnight Aug. 30. In what year did the station first sign on?

A. 1927

B. 1939

C. 1948

D. 1956

7. Which one of these broadcast personalities did not work at one time for WSTP?

A. David Whisenant

B. Fred Kirby

C. Bob Rathbun

D. Doug Rice

8. Democrat Bruce Davis recently visited the Livingstone College campus. In November’s general election, what office is Davis running for?

A. U.S. Senate

B. N.C. Attorney General

C. U.S. House, 13th District

D. N.C. Commissioner of Insurance

9. Spotlight Dance Co. in Salisbury has been chosen as the audition site for a Carolina Theatre production in Durham Dec. 14-15. What production will the auditioning dancers be shooting for?

A. “Fiddler on the Roof”

B. “Great Russian Nutcracker”

C. “Polar Express”

D. “Frosty the Snowman”

10. Salisbury’s Fred and Alice Stanback recently donated land which, when combined with other gifts, more than doubled the size of what state park?

A. Chimney Rock

B. Linville Gorge

C. Mount Mitchell

D. Grandfather Mountain


1. D.
2. A.
3. D.
4. D.
5. A.
6. B.
7. B.
8. C.
9. B.
10. C.