Labor Day sales a time for deals on these items

Published 11:40 am Wednesday, August 31, 2016

PRNewswire is sharing its annual Labor Day deals aggregator featuring  many of the items on sale in September. The holiday sales events include summer clothing and school supplies, as well as discounts on major appliances, mattress sets and lawn and garden equipment. Labor Day sales offer  savings ranging from 20-80 percent on  items for personal and home use  to make space for holiday merchandise.

“Those choosing to spend this holiday weekend with family and friends versus go shopping need not worry, as many Labor Day sales events extend beyond Monday,” said Brent Shelton of

10 things to buy in September:

  1. With most schools in session, back-to-school clearance events featuring additional price drops on student laptops, backpacks, school supplies and kids clothing with average savings of 25 percent or more versus sales events in August and July.
  2. Smart phone deals flood the market from all mobile carriers and cell phone brands as new Apple iPhones and other Android phones arrive in early September, offering a great time to save on device upgrades at near $0 additional cost.
  3. Wait for late in September for the deeper discounts on jackets/hoodies, long sleeve tops, work boots and denim, offering one of the best times of year to save 50 percent or more on quality name-brand jeans for the whole family. 
  4. Summer clothing clearance meets Labor Day sales head on resulting in 50-75 percent off retail pricing on T-shirts, shorts, sandals, swimwear and sunglasses with many items at their lowest prices of the year.
  5. Many Labor Day sales feature items bundled with store gift cards, especially for older video game consoles and 4K TVs where prices have bottomed out. The additional gift card allows for same store savings later during holiday shopping.
  6. September is prime “shoulder season” when overall traveling is less active, so travel deals come down in price as much as 50 percent less than summer travel, creating a prime time to book holiday travel when prices are low and more options are available.
  7. Following Labor Day weekend, lawn equipment clearance offers the year’s best discounts starting at $50-$150 off regular prices on most mowers, including cordless lithium powered push mowers and cordless trimmers, edgers, and hedgers.
  8. Post-Labor Day sales feature deep discounts on garden supplies and tools with savings ranging from 20-50 percent off a variety of items, including hoes, tillers, hoses, sprayers, containers, soils and fertilizers.
  9. Last year’s appliances and mattress sets come down in price in September with stocking of new models with savings up to 60 percent off representing the lowest prices we’ll see until Black Friday.
  10. 10. Big box and home improvement retailers offer average discounts of 20-30 percent off a large selection of above-ground pools and wooden swing sets (some 30-50 percent off). Metal and plastic swing sets can reach 50 percent off.