New college scholarship named for former congressman Howard Coble

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 25, 2016

HIGH POINT – A new college scholarship has been named in the memory of former congressman Howard Coble.

Dr. Ray Coble, a local veterinarian, and his wife Chris Coble, have established the J. Howard Coble Scholarship Fund, through the High Point Community Foundation, to honor and perpetuate the memory and good work of his uncle, Howard Coble.

Congressman Coble served 30 years in the U.S. House of Representatives, establishing a legacy as a conservative Republican leader. Hands-on care for his constituents was a hallmark of Coble’s service to North Carolina and the nation as a whole for decades.

Howard Coble, who served as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Coast Guard, was known particularly for his support for the U.S. military community, as well as his disregard for what many believed were some of the more extravagant perks of serving in Congress. He was also known for his trademark plaid jackets and his genuine love for being a part of the communities he served.

“We could not be more proud and honored to be a partner with the Coble family in honoring a man who has been admired and respected for so long,” says Paul Lessard, president of the foundation.  “Coming from a military tradition, I saw up close the commitment and love that Howard always had for our military community. He also believed in preparing for the future by investing in young people, and this fund will do just that, helping students for generations to come.”

The fund will be used to provide scholarships to deserving students in the areas where Coble served. High school students residing in the 14 counties that made up Coble’s original congressional district may apply for the scholarship. Field of study and proof of demonstrated leadership will also be considered as criteria. More information can be found on the website at

“We know how much Howard loved this community and how much he believed in the power of the American dream,” says Dr. Coble.  “He knew that this great country of ours is remarkable because of a strong democratic tradition that can only be maintained with vigilance and intentionality. That is why we started this fund, to be able to help young people who share Howard’s commitment to God, country and community. We believe this scholarship will create generations of new leaders who are dedicated to government service.”

The foundation will manage the scholarship fund and administer the application and award process.

For more information on the J. Howard Coble Scholarship Fund at the High Point Community Foundation, contact Sherri Scott at 336.882-3298.