Letters to the editor – Thursday – 8-25-16

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 25, 2016

A life is not a sound bite; look at candidates’ records

This presidential race is primarily between two people, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. As voters we must decide which of these two deserves our trust. Let’s look at their lives.

Hillary Clinton from an early age dedicated her life to serving others while Mr. Trump has focused on improving his life.

In law school, Mrs. Clinton worked to provide education and health care for migrant workers and their children. After law school, she chose to work for the Children’s Defense Fund in the inner cities and provided legal aid for the underprivileged. Over the next 30 years, she fought for universal health care and as First Lady helped create the Children’s Health Insurance Program which now protects over 8 million children in this country.

During that same 40-year period, Donald Trump accumulated wealth at the expense of others. He dodged public and military service and avoided paying his debtors. As a candidate he has played on people’s fears and prejudices showing poor judgment and dangerous temperament. He has flip flopped on foreign affairs, taxes, abortion, immigration and his tax returns. In March 2008 he said Hillary would be a good president. In February 2011 he urged the U.S. to intervene in Libya. He encouraged Russia to commit cyber espionage on the U.S. to advance his political agenda.

Over the next three months Mr. Trump will travel the low road and run a smear campaign to distort Mrs. Clinton’s life’s work. Yes ,Mrs. Clinton has made mistakes and she has admitted that. The only thing Trump regrets is that his hateful statements hurt his poll numbers.

Without question, I am with her.

— Steve Albanese


Choice for president will determine our safety

Catch Friday’s Post Opinion page, as liberal commenters will lie about and distort conservative writers, labeling them as racist or homophobic, and then slither back under their rocks.

Then there’s Paul Bardinas, comparing Donald Trump to Sen. Joe McCarthy (complete with comparison photos) in last Sunday’s “Special to the Salisbury Post.” He blatantly distorted several of his facts. If given the same half page space to respond, I will gleefully expose them. By the way, where do conservatives sign up for Specials to the Post?

Today, the FBI dropped 15,000 fresh Clinton emails into the laps of the Republicans. Is FBI Director Comey irritated by Bill Clinton calling him a liar, after Comey’s integrity and reputation was irreparably destroyed in saving Hillary’s backside?

Cheer up, liberals, justice is coming with Hillary’s 33,000 emails detailing those strenuous yoga classes. That’s if she makes it on those reported doses of blood thinners. She’s being carried around by her crooked cronies, Huma Abedine and Cheryl Mills. Come on, girls, have her wave to the crowd.

On an extremely serious note: If we don’t put Trump into the White House to clean up the horrific mess left behind by eight years of catastrophic Obama/Clinton worldwide — and nationwide — destruction, it’s over.

The Middle East is breeding terrorists like rabbits, and Hillary wants to kick things off by bringing in 65,000 (some terrorists, no doubt) Syrian refugees.

Guess how many it takes to wipe out your family in a mall, park, or theater? That’s right — one!

— Randy Biggerstaff