Letters to the editor – Saturday – 8-20-16

Published 12:54 am Saturday, August 20, 2016

Thank you, Brian, whoever you are

A few days ago, I took a friend (95 years old) and we drove from Charlotte to the S&D Coffee store in Concord. We were on the Concord Parkway, already in Cabarrus County, when my car suddenly lost power and began slowing down. I was able to steer it partially off the highway and onto the shoulder. Before we could even think what to do next, I saw a black Ford pull up behind me, with blinker lights on.

A young man got out of the care and came up to my window. He said, “Hi, I’m Brian, how can I help you? May I call 911 for you?” I said yes, and he proceeded to push my car farther off the road to safety. Then he called 911 and we all waited for the police to arrive.

This was one of those 100-degree days, and it was already broiling on the side of the road. Brian suggested that my friend sit in his air-conditioned car while we waited for the police. Within a few minutes, the first Cabarrus County deputy sheriff arrived. After assessing the situation, he called a backup so that Brian could be on his way to Salisbury.

Both deputies stayed with us, letting us sit in their air-conditioned cars until the wrecker arrived to tow the car back to Charlotte. Their kindness and professionalism were extraordinary.

But I am writing to say “thank you” to Brian! I don’t know your last name, but you were an angel on a very hot July 27 on Concord Parkway.

— Ruth S. Lloyd


Keep clippings off roads

I have noticed more and more how folks are blowing grass on busy roadways when they mow. I would like to ask you to please be mindful of motorcycles when you mow.

Grass clippings on the roads can cause a serious accident. It has happened to some of my friends. We enjoy riding our motorcycles and this puts us in danger. It causes the road to be slippery and can take a motorcycle right out from under you.

If you live on a main road, please blow your grass back into your yard.

— Margaret Goldin

Co-owner, Twin Peaks Custom Cycle

Truth telling

Thank you, Rebecca Rider, for the simple, but extremely important, truths in your article, “A little more conversation, please.”

If we could only instill these truths in the brains of the Department of Public Instruction, the National Education Association, the politicians, the school boards and school administration!

— Marie Howell



Daniel Spaw, whose letter was in Thursday’s Post (“Riot gear? Really?”) is from Brentwood, Tenn. He was incorrectly identified as being from Salisbury.