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Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bridge is definitely not a static entity. It is a living thing and changing all the time. The ACBL Board of Directors has changed the rules for opening bids of 1NT. It is now legal to open 1NT with 15-17 points, “if your hand contains no void, or a singleton of an A,K,or Q ,or no more than 2 doubletons. If a hand has a singleton it may have no doubleton.”

As with everything else, be sure your partner is in on the new bid and since this is a new thing, a friendly alert would be in order.

Summer is having an impact on our attendance but our games have remained fun and highly competitive. Because I was medically disabled again there were several game results not reported. At the July 26 Women’s Club game winning: 1st Fern Albracht and Judy Hurder, 2nd Georgia Sorensen and Wade Lowder, 3rd Carol and Harold Winecoff.

At the Aug. 2 Women’s Club game: 1st Marie Pugh and Loyd Hill, 2nd Fern Albracht and Pat Macon, 3rd Wade Lowder and Judy Hurder.

On August 9 winners were: 1st Pat Macon and John McLaughlin, 2nd Chuck and Margaret Rimer.

Winning the Evergreen games: July 29, 1st Dick Brisbin and Becky Creekmore, 2nd Pat Featherston and Toni Iossi, 3rd Andrea Cozart and Jan Glover, 4th Nancy Brandt and Tom Johnson.

On Aug. 5 winning: 1st Dick Brisbin and Becky Creekmore, 2nd Toni Iossi and Patsy Reynolds, 3rd Nancy Brandt and Judy Hurder, 4th Joe O’Brien and Genny Mozolak.

Featured is board #4 from the August 5th Evergreen game.

All Vulnerable West Dealer


S  9 6 4

H  J 3

D  J T 7 3 2

C  K 8 6

WEST:                      EAST:

S  A J T                      S  K Q 5 2

H  K T 8 6 5 2           H  A Q

D  K 9 6                      D  A Q 4

C  9                               C  7 5 4 2


S  8 7 3

H  9 7 4

D  8 5

C  A Q J T 3

The best N/S score 3NE -1 was made by Genny Mozolak and Joe O’Brien while Toni Iossi and Patsy Reynolds had the best E/W score bidding 6SE making.

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