Letters to the editor – Saturday – 8-13-16

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 13, 2016

Christians need unity, not misinterpretation

The writer is responding to a guest column in the July 23 Post: “The Sabbath: Which Day?” by Dr. Henry B. Waiters.

Truth is difficult and sometimes painful. Those who denounce truth will misinterpret truth. Justification of slanderous attacks to justify changes made by man to the church established by Jesus Christ have ensued over thousands of years and continue to this day.

Yes, periods in the church were challenges to the faithful, and hence the Reformation. Dr. Waiters attacks the traditions of the Catholic faith and the usual attack on the love of the Blessed Mother. Through her, God made man was given to us for our salvation and it is Jesus Christ that we adore and glorify and worship.

We love and thank God for the gift of Mary as the ultimate example of total commitment, love and dedication to God’s will. Saints are perfect examples of piety and devotion to the Blessed Trinity. In times of sorrow, illness, or distress we ask others to pray for us, so we ask that of the saints. We do not pray to saints.

Catholics have been persecuted and tortured throughout the ages and continues today. A book to clarify misinterpreted theology, “Rome Sweet Rome,” written by Dr. Scott Hahn a convert to Catholicism, is strongly suggested. In a time of chaos and turmoil, it is a time for Christian unity, not theological misinterpretation.

— Kathleen O’Reilly


It takes a village

The writer is responding to a guest column in the July 24 Post,  “The Arc of Rowan: United Way Dollars in Use,” by Shela Sapp.

I wanted to express how thankful I am that my son can attend the Summer Day Program and the After-School Program. My son enjoys going to camp every summer and it is so nice that the Summer Day Program continues to work on the goals my son works on during the school year.

Change is extremely difficult for my son, so going to a camp that keeps him on a schedule is a lifesaver. He also gets to spend time with his peers having fun.

When my son started school and I started looking into summer camps, there were some that would work on his goals, but they were a safety risk for him. My son wanders really badly, so it was difficult to find a camp that could give him the attention he needed. When I heard about the Summer Day Program, I knew that it would be the best place for my son. He started going a couple of years ago, and I will never take him to a different camp.

The After-School Program has been great for our son. He stays on a schedule while my husband and I can continue to work. Our family could not survive without two incomes, so having a place that helps with homework and working with our son on his goals from school is amazing. We have limited child care, so without the After-School Program one of us would not be able to work in the afternoon, which would make it impossible to survive.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I am so glad the Arc of Rowan is in my village. Thank you to everyone that helps with educating my son and keeping him safe.

— Roxanne Davis


Glad to live in Rowan

First of all, we would like to thank the good Lord for taking our beloved John Jancic Sr. so peacefully, and finally free of pain. Thanks to Father Eckert, Father Rossi, the Sacred Heart staff, neighbors who sent food and prayers. Thank you, emergency group, for caring passionately for him, humoring him by learning his Serbian language. Thank you to the nurses and doctors at Novant who went out of their way to accommodate us, the friends who took time out from their work to attend his funeral, Debbie Suggs catering and anybody we have missed.

Thanks for the flowers and fellowship, and thank God we live in Rowan County.

— A. Shirley Jancic and Family

Granite Quarry