Letters to the editor – Tuesday – 8-9-16

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Current events: Some necessary decisions

Hillary Clinton should not be president, because of the scandals she constantly causes. She has not been truthful and her career is full of controversies. Donald Trump is a better choice because he has been a very successful business executive. He will do a better job at the fundamental duties of government: (1) enforce the law and keep us safe, (2) maintain our infrastructure, and (3) make available world-class education.

The Justice Department should not stop the N.C. voter ID law. It is reasonable and not discriminatory to be required to present ID to prove who you are in all business and legal transactions.

North Carolina should get rid of the “bathroom law.” It is a bad law that creates a bigger problem for enforcement. We do not need another law to address a problem that does not exist, and we currently have laws to prosecute offenders and molesters. In an “urgent need to go” situation, most people would use any open toilet and should not be prosecuted for it.

Salisbury should sell Fibrant. Cutting our losses is probably a better business decision since it is still not profitable and is costing our citizens thousands of dollars. In business situations with a depreciating asset, you lose less money selling it while the asset still has some value; by waiting longer the Fibrant network will be worth less. The competition is very tough, the market for higher internet speeds is not as large as originally forecast, and the “state of the art” equipment is getting outdated and worn.

Finally, all politicians should follow my Grandma’s Rule: If you cannot say something nice, do not say anything. If something needs to be said, say it in a nice way.”

— Brad Farrah


Not right for president

Being a female, I would also like to see a woman president, but Hillary Clinton is not the one.

It is said people can wear many hats, but they can also wear many names. After listening to the Democratic National Convention and all the wonderful things said about her, I wondered if we should start calling her Mother Teresa or Saint Hillary. A few other names came to mind too. For instance:

• Houdini — because she seems adept at escaping from most all situations.

• Pinoochio — we all know what he was known for.

• Smoky the Bear — been around plenty of smoke so there’s bound to be some fire.

• Ginger Rodgers — able to dance around admitting any responsibility for the Benghazi and e-mail scandals.

• Nero — she fiddles while the United States burns.

— Billie H. Bean