Letters to the editor – Thursday – 8.4.16

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 4, 2016

Trump is people’s candidate, but party chose Hillary

You have witnessed these past weeks and months how politicians were determined to control who is nominated for president.

The Republicans tried desperately to have their man, Jebb Bush, be the choice of the party. He and all the others favored by the party were all rejected. The people would have their nominee, Donald Trump. They agreed with him even though he was politically incorrect and willing to say so. He refused to support the party line.

Some have rejected Trump’s world view as being over the top and out of control. However you may feel about Trump, he has carried the day. The rejection should be about the Republican Party’s world view that seems to indicate a party of reaction rather than a party of action, a party in control of the House and Senate but unable to lead, only react to Democratic policies and control.

What the people want is to stop Obama and the Democratic Party, to prevent economic bankruptcy and unsound foreign policy — not to work with the Democrats, but to stop the Democrats. We want to defeat them. That is how you stop them — at the polls!

The Democratic Convention was different. The party chose the nominee. Hillary is heir apparent, and a coronation is in order. The choice for Democrats was a socialist Bernie Sanders or Saul Alinsky’s Hillary Clinton.

She, like Obama, has never made a mistake, and when things go wrong, well, it’s not their fault — deny, deny, deny! If she happens to be elected president, without a doubt we will see another four years just like the last eight years of Obama.

Having seen Dinesh D’Souza’s movie, “Hillary’s America,” an exposé on Obama, the Clintons and the Democrats, it’s hard to understand how any informed person could vote for Hillary.

— Richard Roberts


Immigration is not a right

Appropo of Mr. Khan, who spoke at the Democratic National Convention, and his pocket Constitution: Our Constitution gives no one any right to immigrate to this country. That matter is left to our Congress.

My opinion, we should allow only those whose skills we can use and those who assisted us in foreign wars who now face persecution in their native land.

We have no obligation to rescue the world. Where would it end? We have enough problems here already.

I suspect ulterior motives to those who would open the floodgates.

— M.B. Blankenship


NBA goods are imported

People should boycott the NBA. Their uniforms, tennis shoes and basketballs are made in foreign countries that use child labor. Sorta like pot calling kettle black.

— Charlie Moffitt


How about Michael Jordan?

The NBA pulled the All-Star game because of LGBT discrimination. Where does the discrimination against Michael Jordan, an African-American, and Felix Sabates fit this narrative? Sure seems they are being screwed. I think the people of North Carolina should boycott the NBA and all the entertainers who want to get involved in our politics.

— Frank Trimmer