Quotes of the week

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 22, 2016

“It doesn’t stop now. A movement means we are moving.”

— Rhonna Oglesby, organizer, at the end of the Black Lives Matter march in Salisbury

“We have to be part of the community that we’re serving. We’re not an occupying force.”

— Chief Jerry Stokes, Salisbury Police, on having a diverse police force to help rebuild trust in the community

“Women can change the world. They think more with their hearts.”

— Judy McDaniel, at a women’s meeting organized by the Human Praxis Institute in reaction to violence against minorities and police

“It’s going to be different but, once people get used to it, it will be better than a stoplight and safer.”

— Jonathan Henderson, transportation designer, on including roundabouts in the proposed I-85 interchange at N.C. 152

“I like it because it makes you social when you ordinarily might be sitting on the couch.”

— Jordan Worley, Salisbury visitor, on appeal of Pokemon Go app