Letters to the editor — Monday (7-4-2016)

Published 12:15 am Monday, July 4, 2016

Burr fails to protect interests of constituents

I’m writing this to encourage Salisbury’s senior citizens to look very closely at the Deborah Ross-Richard Burr race for the United States Senate. Sen. Richard Burr has been no friend to seniors. He has consistently placed partisan loyalty above the needs of the people whom he was elected to represent. He voted to gut Medicare. He voted to force cuts to Social Security. He also voted to block measures to make college more affordable and against a federal minimum wage increase.

As longevity continues to increase and the aging population continues to grow, senior citizens more than ever are counting on Social Security and Medicare to meet their basic needs and give them access to affordable health care.

I am a retired teacher. I live on a fixed income and have little or no savings to fall back on. If it were not for Social Security and Medicare, I could not afford the expensive, life-sustaining medications I need as a diabetic with several other chronic conditions.

I am certainly not alone. According to data from Demographics in the Carolinas: “Nowhere in the U.S. has elderly population growth been more apparent and impactful than in the Carolinas. The elderly population increased by 28 percent between 2000 and 2010, outpacing both total and elderly population growth in the nation and in the South.”

Seniors, we need to cast our votes for a Senate candidate who will protect our Social Security and Medicare benefits from further attack — not someone who will betray us as Richard Burr has done.

— Jimmie Moomaw


A crooked level field

So Donald Trump’s scatter-gun rants about Crooked Hillary seeking foreign  donors turns out to sort of backfire since a report has surfaced charging the Trump campaign with illegally soliciting foreign donations from the UK, Iceland, Australia and elsewhere. Now voters have a level playing field. Vote for Crooked Donald or Crooked Hillary.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!  These are indeed terribly dangerous times.

— Herbert W. Stark


It’s not about equality

Being LBGT has nothing to do with equality. What happened in Orlando has nothing to do with LBGT values except for Muslims who not only want to kill Americans, but especially Christians and LBGTs because this lifestyle is not acceptable for Muslims. So, if you have a problem with Muslims, you should see if you can convince them about your supposed equality!

Being LBGT will never be sexually equal or inclusive because neither two women nor two men can together procreate! One generation of the LBGT lifestyle would end the human race.

The LBGT lifestyle is all about being politically correct. LBGTs intend to do what they want to do with who they want to do it with and how they want to dress and you can like it or lump it. LBGTs intend to force the rest of the world to accept all the above or be destroyed. They will close down your bakery if you won’t bake them a cake and the worst part is the Obama regime will support this abuse of heterosexuals.

Someone please explain, “Getting your fair share of the American dream” has to do with harmony in the community? Employers are more interested in someone being able to do a job than your particular lifestyle! So, if things are not going good at work for the LBGTs you can always claim the boss is not inclusive, not acceptable, homophobic, unsafe workplace etc…. It doesn’t matter if the complaint is true, it just matters that it might be true and so the PC crowd will descend upon you. You are GUILTY until you are able to prove you are not guilty. All of this is backwards — people should be innocent until proven guilty!

The American dream is not whether you’re gay or straight but rather do you have something to offer the world for having been alive!

— Richard Roberts