Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 26, 2016

1. There are now at least nine dropbox locations in Rowan County for what?

A. Unwanted dogs and cats

B. Pennies (to go toward local charities)

C. Used batteries

D. Expired or unneeded prescription drugs

2. The Rowan County Board of Commissioners has approved Fibrant’s first extension outside of the Salisbury city limits to serve whom?

A. Residents and businesses in Granite Quarry

B. The Freightliner plant in Cleveland

C. Residents and businesses in Spencer and East Spencer

D. Two businesses — Agility Fuel Systems and Gildan Yarns.

3. ESPN’s Chris Berman, who was inducted into the National Sports Media Association’s Hall of Fame in Salisbury last week, grew up an ardent fan of what professional football team?

A. New York Jets

B. Washington Redskins

C. Green Bay Packers

D. Chicago Bears

4. Berman is known for inventive nicknames he comes up with for ballplayers. Early on, he especially had fun with baseball players. Which of these was the first nickname he bestowed on a player?

A. Julio “Won’t You Take Me on a Sea” Cruz

B. Albert “Winnie The” Pujols

C. Greg “Math” Maddux

D. Chuck “New Kids on the” Knoblauch

5. Who has won the last three National Sportscaster of the Year awards in Salisbury?

A. Bob Costas

B. Dick Enberg

C. Mike “Doc” Emrick

D. Jim Nantz

6. Salisbury was among 20 cities competing for 2016 All-America City status from the National Civic League in Denver. While Salisbury was a finalist, it was not one of the 10 cities walking away with an All-America City award. What city from North Carolina did?

A. High Point

B. Asheboro

C. New Bern

D. Asheville

7. Promats Athletics of Salisbury has been chosen as the official supplier of athletic equipment for a new stadium that’s going to be host for a Major League Baseball game July 3 between the Atlanta Braves and Miami Marlins. Where will this stadium be located?

A. Fort Hood

B. Fort Jackson

C. Fort Bragg

D. Fort Benning

8. Dennis Reed, a 2006 graduate of Catawba College, has a song titled “Necessary,” which has become a viral hit thanks to its posting on Facebook by the singer Reed has been touring with over the past few months. Who is that former American Idol singer?

A. Kelly Clarkson

B. Fantasia Barrino

C. Jordin Sparks

D. Carrie Underwood

9. What are the first two county departments to have new, more spacious offices in the West End Plaza, formerly the Salisbury Mall?

A. Rowan County Health Department and Rowan County Emergency Medical Services

B. Rowan County Environmental Services and Rowan Register of Deeds

C. Rowan Transit System and Rowan County Department of Social Services

D. Rowan County Board of Elections and Rowan County Veteran Services Office.

10. On his continuing bicycle trek, retracing historic Route 66, Rowan County’s David Freeze took a side trip this past week to what notable U.S. tourist stop?

A. Mount Rushmore

B. Old Faithful

C. Hoover Dam

D. The Grand Canyon


1. D.
2. D.
3. A.
4. A.
5. C.
6. B.
7. C.
8. B.
9. D.
10. D.