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Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 26, 2016

Two Clubs or Not two Clubs

In this month’s Bridge Bulletin there is an article by Leslie Shafer discussing the opening two club bid issue.  She says there are two kinds of hands to be opened 2 clubs.  One kind of hand: Balanced hands with 22+ HCP.  Typically 2NT reflects 20-21 HCP.  An example of a balanced holding for a 2C opening:( S  A K 7,  H  A J 4,  D  K Q J 3,  C  K Q 8).  Second kind of hand: Unbalanced hands with less than 20 HCP but enough distribution points to invite game or better. Examples are: ( S  A K 8, H  A K Q J T 5 4, D  T 7, C  K)  and ( S  A K Q T 7 3, H  A K Q 6, D  8, C  7 3). Please be sure your convention cards read: 2C opening bids equal 22+HCP or 8.5 +  playing tricks.

Winners at our Friday June 17 Evergreen game were: 1st Marie Pugh and Ruth Bowles, 2nd Pat Macon and John McLaughlin, 3rd Andra Cozart and Jan Glover, 4th Toni Iossi and Patsy Reynolds.  Our featured board is # 27 from this game.

No one vulnerable     South Dealer


S  A 8 5

H  A T 9 5


Q 9 5 3 2

WEST:             EAST:

S  T 9 4              S K Q 7 3

H  J 7 3              H  K Q

D  K J 8              D  6 5 4 3

C  K T 8 7            C  A 6 4


S  J 6 2

H  8 6 4 2

 D  A Q 9 7 2

C  J

Jean and Loyd Hill had the best N/S score setting 2SE 2 tricks while the best E/W score 1NW+3 was made by Fern Albracht and Simon Brigman.  Congratulations!

At the Tuesday, June 21 Women’s Club game competition was robust.  Winning: 1st Carol Winecoff and Myrnie McLaughlin, 2nd Judy Hurder and Marie Pugh, 3rd Loyd and Jean Hill, and 4thNancy Brandt and Tom Johnson.

We welcome all bridge players to join us on Tuesdays at the Women’s Club and Fridays at Rufty-Holmes Senior Center each at 1 p.m.

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