Letters to the editor – Wednesday – 6-15-16

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Rats are abandoning Clinton’s burning ship

Want some great news that will remind you of the offspring of a skunk and dead fish? Here goes.

At any time now Obama will endorse Hillary for president. How will he and his crooked Justice Department handle non-partisan FBI Director James Comey’s indictment of Clinton? It’s on the way! Is Hillary really the woman the Democratic Party wants for breaking through the “glass ceiling”? Really? Would Obama pardon her felonies before her being sworn in next January? Really?

As a 22-year-old buck sergeant I had a secret security clearance. I could take one glance at a document and realize if it was classified or not.

Title 18, U.S. Code – section 1924 states: “Whoever knowingly removes classified documents without authority, and/or with the intent to retain such documents at an unauthorized location shall be fined and/or imprisoned for not more than a year.”

Hillary stored over 200 classified and at least 24 top secret documents on an unauthorized storage system. Under Title 18, ignorance of the law is not a valid defense. Prior to being sworn in as secretary of state, Clinton was briefed and signed a National Security Indoctrination Affidavit acknowledging that she “knew and understood” the laws and penalties.

The rats are already abandoning a burning ship. Clinton’s tech guru — Bryan Pagliano — cut a deal with Comey for criminal immunity, and will take the 5th in the civil cases. Cheryl Mills took seven lawyers into her legal deposition, and apparently developed lockjaw after giving her name. Huma Abedine is reportedly hiding under a rock, while Hillary hasn’t had an actual news conference in six months.

Is this the lifelong, habitually and notoriously dishonest, hard head you Democrats want to crack that ceiling with? Really?

— Randy Biggerstaff


Political outsider is welcome change

Having read the reprinted article from the Washington Post authored by Garrison Keillor (“The perils of prominence,” June 9), and a second and third reading to sort of get the gist of what the heck he is writing about, it finally comes to me; he’s praising a graduate who has overcome their humble beginnings, his inadequate performance as a graduate speaker and lastly making his political statement about the Republican nomination for the presidency. Surely there must be better material available in our community for printing than the ranting and ravings of an NPR liberal. But then why would he, being the liberal he is, write about the shortcomings of Hillary and Billery or the obviously Socialist Sanders?

Many people around the country have complained that government is the country’s greatest problem but the government is not the problem; it’s the people who run government. The government has no will of its own; but the people in charge are who we need to blame.

So we have a man running for the presidency who is not one of the above, an insider or a professional politician but a successful businessman who is driven by success, not political power or political correctness. Those who like to think they are running things can’t stand an outsider, not one of them, to be the president. “The Party” has been trying any way they can think of to deny the man “the people” have chosen.

If “The Party” succeeds in this, you may see an uprising among “The People” that may do in the Republican Party. Some believe, well, why not, it’s hard to tell the difference any more between a Democrat and a Republican.

— Richard Roberts