Letters to the editor – Thursday – 6-9-16

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 9, 2016

We should treat Election Day like Memorial Day

After seeing the dismal turnout for what will likely be an important election, I couldn’t help but think about what my old school friend thought.

“OK, it is the primaries here in California so will get political for one moment. People ask me why I still go to the polls to vote rather than do a mail-in ballot because it is ‘more convenient.’ Well, to me, Election Day is akin to another Memorial Day. It is symbolic of the freedom we have to vote without fear or intimidation at the polls. It is a tribute to the brave men and women in the military that fought and died to protect this freedom. It is a tribute to those that are still actively serving in the military. It is a tribute to those, from the days of Reconstruction, to the suffragettes of the early 1900s, to the civil rights leaders of the ‘50s and ‘60s and today, to make sure one is not denied from voting based on race, color or creed. As I take that 10-minute walk to my polling place, I think of these things. But, hey, that is just me.

“P.S. And yes, I fly my flag on Election Day.” — Tony Parker (with permission)

Think about it. Then vote every time you have the opportunity. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

— Don Hesprich


In honor of East grads

Love is going to win because Jesus with his love for us died on the cross for us.

I have loved viewing during this graduation time what God’s agape love can do. God’s precious gift of the Holy Spirit will always be there for me and for you to help us overcome the world and Satan’s view, to get us through these worldly temptations of heartache and pain that delay our gain of love that God created when He made our creation in His name. Now we can work for peace and love. Our gift from heaven above, love and hope, can never be alone as long as we keep our heart’s door open where the Holy Spirit of Jesus belongs.

— Carol Cauble


From a co-founder’s family

We have enjoyed reading the many Salisbury Post articles and letters written about the late Ralph Ketner.

Like thousands of other Salisbury and Rowan County citizens, I was privileged to know and work with Mr. Ketner and Food Lion. Along with my father and my family, we also had the privilege to personally know Mr. Ketner and his family for most of our lives.

On behalf of the company and especially the Wilson L. Smith family, we sincerely thank the community for the outpouring of sympathy, love and respect for Mr. Ketner.

For those of us who worked with or personally knew him, we can be thankful for his example. For those who did not know him, they will surely benefit from his many contributions to our community.

— Ronnie Smith


Smith is the son of Food Lion co-founder Wilson L. Smith.

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