Hanford-Dole students have a field day

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Students at Hanford-Dole Elementary may have been keeping it cool at field day yesterday, but excitement for the summer was heating up.

Classes cycled through stations of tug-of-war, parachute games, water balloon toss, slip-n-slide, a dance floor, sprinklers and a dunking booth. Parents camped out in the shade as their children ran by, leaving wet footprints on the hot pavement.

Hanford-Dole’s field day came a little late in the year, one day shy of the end of school, but that only pushed spirits higher. While students longed for summer, they also were determined to live the day to the fullest.

“I want to do this field day 12 more times,” Sadie Lapuz, a second-grade student said.