Letters to the editor – Friday – 6-3-16

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 3, 2016

Fatality is evidence that West Innes needs work

The fatal accident on West Innes Street is very sad but not surprising. The street is narrow, telephone poles are very close and cars go at high speed on the street. Compare East Innes Street’s five lanes. It is time for some road work.

— John Whitfield


Walser not more of same

Most voters are smart enough to make up their own minds, but in the crowded Republican primary for the state’s 13th Congressional District, there’s one candidate who should come with a big warning label.

If you think the solution to congressional dysfunction is to double down on ideological litmus tests and culture-war conflagrations, don’t vote for Jason Walser.

If you value partisan gamesmanship over the hard and other thankless labor of building coalitions and consensus, don’t vote for Jason Walser.

If you want leadership that is really just another former of followership, bent by every passing poll and special-interest threat, don’t vote for Jason Walser.

If you want a candidate who talks a good game when it comes to family values, love of the land and personal integrity — but hasn’t exemplified those beliefs in his own life, don’t vote for Jason Walser.

If you want to see North Carolina’s recent legislative debacles exported to a much larger stage, don’t vote for Jason Walser.

If you pay lip service to wanting government that works and leaders that value civic engagement over ceaseless strife — but you’re secretly happy with attack-dog mentalities — don’t vote for Jason Walser. He’s the kind of candidate who might actually help bring change to Washington and restore a measure of respect to tarnished institutions of governance.

Consider yourself forewarned.

— Chris Verner


Warren is like Earl Ruth

It has been over 40 years since a local, experienced member of Congress has been from Salisbury. Dr. Earl Ruth was that person. He was experienced and represented our area well.

We again need an experienced representative in Washington. Our own Harry Warren has that much needed experience, serving several terms in the N.C. House supporting many issues of local interest. Harry, like Dr. Ruth, is no rookie. The learning curve is just too steep for a “first timer” to be effective in Washington.

We need a representative who understands and will support our local interest. Harry Warren is that person. We often hear the comment “shop local.” We need to make sure that we also vote local. Make that a vote for Harry Warren.

— Tom Lynch


Walser offers contrast

I am writing in support of Jason Walser who, I believe, is the most qualified candidate to represent the 13th Congressional District. I have known Jason for more than a decade and I appreciate his calm demeanor, pragmatic view of complex issues and dedication to community. His leadership is based on deeply held principals of fairness, selflessness and respect for others.

Jason served as the executive director of the LandTrust for Central North Carolina for almost 16 years. He quietly and effectively built a remarkable legacy of land conservation in a 10-county region. He has also built coalitions in support of many community programs through his service to the Robertson Family Foundation, especially in support of public education.

I am impressed by Jason’s sensibility and willingness to work beyond partisan rancor in order to move our country forward. He is not aligned with single-purpose lobbyists who work endlessly to promote their self-interest, often at the expense of working families and small businesses.

Jason understands the value of sustainable energy, including solar and wind, and the vital importance of transitioning our country away from of fossil fuel and toward clean energy — which will be the basis of our economic future.

Jason offers a stark contrast to the lifelong politicians who seek unrestrained power and unlimited influence over Americans citizens who embrace our common beliefs and respect those of differing points of view. For these reasons and many others, I encourage eligible voters to support a man of integrity, intellect and the American ideal — Jason Walser.

— Joe Morris


Use your vote for Walser

Yes, one vote does matter and you can make a difference! I would like to encourage you to use your vote to make a difference by voting for Jason Walser for Congress.

I believe that we all would like someone to represent us in Washington that is knowledgeable, intelligent, a steward of natural and economic resources, a community strength builder, a problem solver, level-headed, forward thinking, someone with strong values and work ethics who is concerned about the everyday welfare of our citizens. All of these qualities and more are words that describe Jason Walser.

Jason’s leadership in Land Trust of North Carolina — as well as numerous other examples of community involvement — is a demonstration of Jason’s commitment to working with groups and individuals to work toward solutions in a practical, pragmatic manner. Please consider using your vote to make a difference by voting for Jason Walser for Congress.

— Connie S. Hoffner

Mount Ulla