Letters to the editor – Thursday – 6-2-16

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bruce Davis will fight for citizens and their issues

After serving Salisbury well in Congress before redistricting due to gerrymandering, Alma Adams will no longer be representing Rowan County. Many of you will be wondering who can step up and meet the challenge of filling the void that Alma leaves behind. Alma Adams believes that Bruce Davis is the man for the job. Bruce Davis is running for Congress in the new 13th district here in North Carolina and has earned Alma Adams’ full support and endorsement as he seeks the nomination.

“Guilford County will be well represented by Bruce Davis. I trust in his ethics, and in his experience as a 12-year County Commissioner. I know he will serve the people of the 13th District very well, and I look forward to working with Bruce in Congress.”- Alma Adams, 2016.

We have an opportunity to elect a new leader who can fight for us and the issues that we face. Being a Guilford County commissioner, Bruce is well-versed in the issues facing the people of North Carolina. Candidate Davis is the only Democratic candidate with a wealth of political experience. Originally from High Point, Bruce joined the Marines and served this great country proudly for 20 years. He graduated from High Point University and for the last 18 years Bruce and his wife have been running a first-rate preschool and daycare center in High Point. Bruce Davis has recently spent time in Rowan County speaking with people there about the issues they face.

Alma Adams believes in Bruce Davis, and believes that he is the one for you.

— Joe Bush

High Point

Walser unites people

Our political system is sadly broken; the Republican Party has been shredded into sub-parties and our elected officials charged with helping the people can’t seem to come together on any given issue.

When I heard that Jason Walser was running for Congress, I breathed a huge sigh of relief in knowing that a solid, good hearted, incredibly smart guy wanted to represent Rowan County.

The one amazing quality that Jason has out of many is that he can find a way to work with anybody; no matter the views or the major differences, he always finds a way to sort issues in even the most heated debate. He’s cool-headed, thoughtful, wise beyond his years and extremely level-headed, which is sorely needed in politics today.

Jason could truly unite the party and bridge gaps to actually get things done. He’s already bringing various folks together even with his campaign when an Independent like myself and a hardcore Democrat offered to put out campaign signs for him. We trust and believe in him that much. It’s time to unite and get to work!

— Adele Goodman


‘Ferguson effect’

The writer is responding to a May 26 editorial about rising crime rates, “‘Ferguson’  too simple.’

Rowan County Sheriff Kevin Auten told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. People are disrespectful, self-centered, argumentative, less disciplined and in general do not care about others. No doubt this is causing the deterioration of our society. God’s commandment: “Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself.”

— Phyllis Bray