Letters to the editor — Monday (5-30-2016)

Published 12:31 am Monday, May 30, 2016

Innes Street closure makes a traffic mess

An old joke tells of a dissatisfied worker wanting to change professions. He asks a brain surgeon how much to transplant a lawyer’s brain and is told $3 million an ounce. What about a doctor’s brain? $5 million an ounce. What about a cop? $10 million an ounce. Why so much to be a cop? Do you know how many police brains we have to go through to get a full ounce? the surgeon replies.

Such seemed to be the case Thursday afternoon when the Salisbury PD blocked all four to six lanes of East Innes Street at I-85. Seems it never occurred to them to use Stokes Ferry or Faith roads as an alternate exit.

It seems police thinking — if you could call it that — decides on whatever is easiest for them and inconveniences the most people. They regard citizens as cattle to be herded at their whim without a single moo in protest.

I saw through over three light changes by a young rookie cop who had not a single idea what he was doing other than being in complete control. I was then forced to leave town on I-85.

When Salisbury forced its aged and experienced emergency personnel to retire, I knew it would be bad, but I never expected an 8-year-old Cub Scout to be better qualified at directing traffic than the current cops.

Just so I am not considered a cop hater, there are few things better than a good cop. However, there are few things worse than bad ones. Thursday afternoon I did not see a single competent cop.

For those who disagree, I invite them to review the number of unsolved murders in Salisbury, as with the mother murdered in her own home within the week. It would seem with such outrages SPD would have better things to do than use every cop in town to close Innes Street.

— W.F. Owens



Past time to M.O.V.E.

We have the b-word, the f-word, the n-word, the r-word and the s-word.

The Rev. Kellie Browne brought out the s-word in her May 16 “My Turn” about pepper spray. “In what seems to me to be the stupidest idea that I’ve ever heard,” she stated.

Thank you for that, now they have reconsidered.

Now I need to share two very stupid things that have gone on for way too long.

First is the stupidest answer I’ve ever heard. About 10 years ago, I asked Don Bringle (Rowan County Parks) why they didn’t ban tobacco products at the parks. Here was his answer. “I would love to see it banned, but I just don’t see anyway we can enforce it.”

Next is the most stupid sign I have ever seen posted — anywhere — but it is located at Dan Nicholas Park.

“No smoking or pets allowed in the playground for the safety and health of our children.”

The park is about 400 acres. The playground may be 100 by 100 feet.

This question has been asked of Don Bringle, Bob Pendergrass, several county commissioners and a county manager. Now it’s time to ask readers of the Salisbury Post.

Why in the h-word is our children’s health and safety not important in the whole park?

I am begging for some help and answers to this very important issue. It’s time for Rowan County M.O.V.E.

Make Our Visits Enjoyable — and safe and healthy for everyone.

— Whitey Harwood

Rowan County

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