Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 22, 2016

1. Which of these things did not occur during George Washington’s visit to Salisbury in 1791?
A. He met with John Steele, who later would become the first comptroller of the United States
B. He had tea with prominent Salisbury women
C. He danced with his wife, Martha, at a ball in their honor
D. He slept overnight in Salisbury

2. Thanks to winning a General Mills drawing, Lee’s Cafe of Rockwell will have its logo featured where May 29?
A. On an episode of Martha Stewart’s television show
B. On a sign board behind home plate during a nationally televised baseball game between the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs
C. On all interstate billboards welcoming motorists to North Carolina
D. On the race car of NASCAR driver Austin Dillon

3. This past week, the state Department of Environmental Quality gave what priority ranking for cleaning up the coal ash ponds at Buck Steam Station in Rowan County?
A. Low
B. Intermediate
C. High
D. Critically high

4. A Knollwood Elementary third-grade teacher resigned after it came to light the teacher used what to confine a 9-year-old student to his desk?
A. Tape
B. Handcuffs
C. Rope
D. Fishing line

5. Musician Randy Gilkey, of Oak Hill, W.Va., has stopped in Salisbury on two different occasions to play downtown pianos. What about Gilkey often makes people amazed at how well he plays?
A. He is blind
B. He is a double amputee
C. He plays with his back to the piano keys
D. He holds himself up with his hands and plays the piano with his bare feet

6. The Lomax family has made the historic Henry Connor Bost House and Farm into a special events venue. Which of the following is not true of Bost, who lived from 1840 to 1887?
A. He was a state legislator
B. He was a Confederate captain in the Civil War
C. He served in the U.S. House and spoke against secession
D. He attended Trinity College (later Duke University)

7. The location for early voting for the special June 7 primaries in Rowan County will be moving from the Rowan Public Library in Salisbury to what new venue?
A. Salisbury Civic Center
B. West End Plaza
C. Rowan County Fairgrounds
D. The Wallace Educational Forum

8. According to Census figures, which of the following Rowan County municipalities showed a negative growth rate when comparing their 2015 population to 2014?
A. Salisbury, Rockwell and Cleveland
B. East Spencer, Landis and Cleveland
C. Spencer, East Spencer and Granite Quarry
D. None. All Rowan cities and towns had a positive growth rate

9. The city of Salisbury has filed a suit against The Atlantic Group, claiming the company incorrectly installed fiber-optic cable lines on power poles and failed to complete its work on time. The city claims correcting the contract violations will cost what?
A. More than $1 million
B. More than $3 million
C. More than $5 million
D. More than $10 million

10. David Larsen was the headline attraction Friday and Saturday for Piedmont Players Theatre’s annual fundraiser, Night on the Stage. Larsen most recently starred in a national tour of what Broadway hit?
A. “The Producers”
B. “Motown”
C. “Book of Mormon”
D. “Hamilton”



Answers below:

1. C.

2. D.
3. B.
4. A.
5. A.
6. C.
7. B.
8. D.
9. A.
10. C.