BOE votes to dismiss SfL+a school closure proposal

Published 6:46 pm Thursday, May 5, 2016

SALISBURY — The Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education voted Thursday to dismiss a proposal presented by SfL+a Architects.

The proposal, presented to the board on April 7, recommended the closure of six elementary schools — Enochville, Faith, Morgan and Mount Ulla elementaries, in addition to the already slated Cleveland and Woodleaf elementaries.

Board member Dean Hunter made the motion to dismiss consideration of the closures of Morgan, Faith, Enochville and Mount Ulla elementaries as proposed by SfL+a Architects. The motion was seconded by Travis Allen.

“There was nothing presented for vote, we were never given anything to vote on, we were simply given information,” Board Chair Josh Wagner said. “However, in my opinion . . . it’s apparent that there are folks who think that this has been the case. And if this, somehow, can take the edge off of that . . . then it’s worth it. . . I understand that, again, we haven’t voted and accepted. There’s nothing on the table, but I think for folks to understand that we’re not looking to take action on this tomorrow, and everybody can kinda take a step back and say, ‘OK, we’re OK with planning and having a conversation.'”

The board voted to dismiss the proposal in a 4-3 vote, with Chuck Hughes, Allen, Hunter and Wagner voting for the dismissal and Susan Cox, Jean Kennedy and Dr. Richard Miller voting against. Cox clarified after the vote that she voted against the motion because of its wording.