Fisher to run for reelection as national committeewoman

Published 2:08 pm Thursday, May 5, 2016

Republican Committeewoman Ada Fisher says she intends to seek reelection during the state GOP convention this weekend.

In an email, Fisher said she has received a number of calls asking if she plans to run for reelection to North Carolina’s Republican National Committeewoman seat. Fisher said she will run one final time and plans to be a delegate for presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“I want your vote and that of others, so please spread the word,” Fisher said in the email. “I look forward to the convention. I hope that we will concentrate our efforts on developing effective messaging for the voters so that what we stand for is clear and our candidates are shown in the light of Republicanism which is best for the USA.”

In 2008, she was first elected as national committeewoman. She is a retired physician and Salisbury resident.