Letters to the editor – Tuesday – 5-3-16

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Atheists would like
to be left alone, too

This is in response to an April 26 letter,  “Atheists, leave us alone.”

Mr. Ray, no one is denying Christians the right to publicly assemble and partake of your religious ceremonies. I have seen Christians on the Square on the sidewalks, holding signs and trying to hand out obnoxious Christian tracts to let people know what dirty dogs they are without Jesus and if they don’t get on the Jesus bandwagon they’ll fry forever.

As for prayers in school, how would you like it if Muslim prayers were in schools? I saw on CBS News a school which had numerous Muslim children. I once saw a Muslim school teacher at an elementary school in Kannapolis wear a head scarf.

As for “In God We Trust,” we trusted in Him in 1941 but he didn’t stop the Japanese from bombing Pearl Harbor. He apparently allowed the influenza epidemic to kill 250,000 Americans.

Christians do not force their beliefs on others? In a pig’s eye. Christians put billboards along highways to let sinners know they are going to hell. Some from a Concord church used to stand in front of the ABC liquor store, one of them shouting, “Jesus saves! Repent or burn in hell” at the top of his lungs.

I went to an atheist rally in Washington, D.C. There were 50 Christians there holding signs and chanting. One of them told a reporter, “Atheists are pigs.” The event did not appear on C-Span.

Christians go to concerts and the like, making pests of themselves, asking people, “If you died tonight, where will you be spending eternity?” One woman cried when they asked her that, ruining people’s evenings after five days of dedicated work.

Well, like they say, you don’t have freedom from religion.

— R. Howard Andrews


From bathrooms to drivers

The writer is responding to a letter in Monday’s Post, “A godless nation.”

I want to thank Jim Younts for my first good laugh when reading negative opinions of HB2. How he went from proselytizing about bathrooms to ranting about distracted drivers crossing the median was quite a hoot. Maybe he sees a similarity, or perhaps he’s emulating Donald Trump who says whatever pops into his mind.

By the way, since you mentioned him, Mr. Trump has said he is against HB2 which he deems unnecessary and detrimental to North Carolina businesses.

— Joanne Bryla

China Grove