Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 1, 2016

1. U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis is among a group of Republican senators who have introduced a bill related to military veterans. What would the bill aim to accomplish?
A. Increase military pensions
B. Expand the number of national cemeteries
C. Allow veterans, with a special ID card, free entry into any major league sports venue
D. Allow veterans enrolled at VA medical centers the flexibility of going to private clinics without pre-authorization.

2. A charge of misdemeanor larceny, dating back to 2001, was dismissed this past week against a Concord man who had never returned a VHS movie rented from J&J Video, a Rowan County business now closed. What movie had James Meyers Jr. failed to return to the store?
A. “Ernest Goes to Jail”
B. “Freddy Got Fingered”
C. “Legally Blonde”
D. “Behind Enemy Lines”

3. What do the students of South Rowan High’s Future Farmers of America chapter routinely donate to a pair of community organizations?
A. Produce and eggs
B. Beef from the school’s farm
C. Milk and cheese from the school’s dairy cows
D. Clothing

4. American Legion baseball in this area received some bad news this past week. What was it?
A. Newman Park, home for the Rowan team, will be closed for renovations the entire 2016 season
B. Local radio stations will no longer broadcast American Legion games
C. American Legion is looking for an organization to take over the baseball program
D. Southern Rowan County will not field a team this year

5. Powles Staton Funeral Home in Rockwell held a “Veteran Appreciation Day” this past week during which military vets were invited to enjoy a free lunch, massage and what else?
A. Shoeshine
B. Helicopter ride
C. Tank tour
D. Parade in their honor

6. Participants in a Peace Run came through Rowan County last Tuesday on a section of their North American journey, which roughly will cover what distance and how many months?
A. 1,000 miles and two months
B. 5,000 miles and three months
C. 10,000 miles and four months
D. 15,000 miles and five months

7. How much would a new western Rowan County elementary school, representing the consolidation of Woodleaf and Cleveland, cost to build, depending on whether it’s a 12-month or 16-month construction period?
A. $10.1 million to $11.1 million
B. $15.1 million to $16.1 million
C. $20.2 million to $21.2 million
D. $27.1 million to $28.1 million

8. At a community hearing last Thursday night to discuss the proposed merger of Woodleaf and Cleveland schools, which of the following was not a concern raised by the public?
A. The proposed location of N.C. 801 and Godbey Road was a dangerous intersection
B. The proposed school location was too close to the Southern Power plant
C. Woodleaf and Cleveland fire departments were too small to cover a merged school of that size
D. The length of bus rides for students

9. Sherri Jefferies recently retired after 35 years with Rowan Public Library. One coworker said Jefferies always dressed “like a million dollars.” What part of her wardrobe was Jefferies especially known for?
A. A pearl necklace
B. Purple dresses
C. Ribbons in her hair
D. 4-inch heels

10. Smart Start Rowan, celebrating its 20th anniversary, recently named this longtime educator the Shirley P. Ritchie Champion for Young Children. Who is it?
A. Judy Grissom
B. Martha West
C. Celia Jarrett
D. Pat Epting



Answers below:

1. D.
2. B.
3. A.
4. D.
5. A.
6. C.
7. C.
8. C.
9. D.
10. B.