Other driver gives her account of Innes Street wreck

Published 1:39 pm Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Staff report

The driver of Volvo S80 gives a slightly different account of an accident Monday evening on West Innes Street.

Frankie Morris said Wednesday she was leaving from the Summersett Funeral Home parking lot in her 2003 Volvo and attempting to make a right turn onto West Innes Street when she looked left and it appeared to her an Avalanche truck was stopped near Rufty Garden Center.

But in the moments that followed, the two vehicles collided. The impact caused Dale Griffin’s 2004 Avalanche to spin around and turn over onto its driver side. Griffin told the Post at the scene Monday that the Volvo pulled out and hit his truck in the rear.

Morris said the truck came “rushing up and around me.” “He was going pretty fast,” she added. “I didn’t hit him in the rear. He hit me. … He had to be going fast.”

Morris said she was going only a few miles per hour when the accident happened. “I didn’t rush,” she added. Neither Morris nor Griffin were seriously hurt in the wreck, which happened a little bit before 6 p.m. Monday.