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Letters to the editor — Monday (4-18-2016)

Thanks to all for supporting fashion for a Cause fundraiser

The Rowan Medical Society Alliance was organized in 1948 by the spouses of Rowan County physicians to promote community health projects in Rowan County. This year, on April 6, the Alliance presented its 18th annual fundraiser “Fashions for a Cause: April in Paris,” in the beautiful Crystal Lounge at Catawba College, with the help and support of numerous volunteers and local businesses. All of the proceeds from our show go to support the Community Care Clinic of Rowan County. This year our total raised was over $17,000. The Community Care Clinic, with the volunteer help of our local doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, and others, provides medical care to people in the county who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

We would like to thank the following stores that shared their beautiful clothes and models with our supporters: A Perfect Dress of China Grove, Anna Craig Boutique, Anne’s Dress Shop of Concord, Attractions on Main, Caniche, Cato, Lora Belle Baby, Stitchin’ Post Gifts, Thread Shed Clothing Company, and Winsome Hangar. Numerous other businesses and individuals provided large donations, door prizes, raffle items, and services. WBTV’s David Whisenant, as our master of ceremonies, continued his yearly tradition of charming us with his wit, humor, and red tuxedo, and was joined by Salisbury crooner Kent Bernhardt, who serenaded us from the runway with “April in Paris.” Joyce Goodwin and Mary Goodman were wonderful leaders and role models as the co-chairs of the project and spent many long hours pulling all of the pieces together.

The Rowan Medical Alliance wants to thank our major sponsors and the people and small businesses who continue to share their talents, time, and treasures with others in our town. Thank you for helping make Salisbury and Rowan County the caring community it is.

— Elizabeth Kaufmann 

Rowan County Medical Alliance

Enough is enough

We are being led down a road to failure as a country by our current Obama Administration. The latest is the deceit by the administration in hiding the newest giveaway, free broadband Internet on the already free cell phones. When does this end? This is just buying votes for the Democratic party. This is not free. It is being paid for by current paying cell phone users.

Instead of giving free phones and Internet, why don’t we try funding our military at a level that will allow us to stand up to Russia when they low-level over our Navy ships. A recent news story reported that a Marine jet squadron is preparing to deploy in 30 days and does not have the budget to keep its pilots current for this deployment. This squadron will deploy at a readiness state that will be dangerous to its pilots and crewmembers. A jet pilot needs at least 25-30 hours a month to stay proficient. Four hours a month for our jet pilots is an accident waiting to happen. Simulators can help but the simulator is not equal to actual flight time. You don’t die if you make a mistake in a simulator. Pilots need time in the cockpit.

It is time we stand up for our military. The current administration certainly isn’t. And our current congressmen and senators aren’t doing anything, either. Let’s stop our handout programs and start helping those who stand ready to give their lives for us. Remember Benghazi. Those four Americans died because we did not have military assets to support them in their time of need. This is not the America that I gave 30 years of my life to support. Americans don’t leave Americans to die. We do what is necessary to protect those serving this nation overseas. At least, that is what I was taught.

Send a note to your congressional representative, demanding their support. How have we allowed this country to reach this level?

— Col. Grey Medinger


Bring NC into the 21st century

Instead of looking at the boycott of North Carolina by businesses as a punishment, I think it is meant to be more of a wake-up call. It is never OK in a secular country for the rights of a group of people not keeping with one religious group’s views to be discriminated against. The restroom thing is just a poor excuse for passing a bill that clearly is trying to take away the rights of people that don’t fit into the mold that the evangelical Christians want everyone to fit into. It discriminates against not only the gay and transgender community, but those that are of different races and religious beliefs. Christians have been the most privileged group in history, and still are. It is now time to allow everyone else to enjoy the same rights they have enjoyed for centuries. This is the 21st century, not the 16th.

— Robin Hager





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