Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 3, 2016

1. Because the fire chief was in Indianapolis at a conference, Assistant Fire Chief Marvin Yost, now retired, found himself in charge during one of Salisbury’s biggest fires. Which fire was it?

A. The downtown (South Main Street) fire in 1964

B. The Blackmer House fire

C. The Grimes Mill fire

D. The Salisbury Marble & Granite Co. fire

2. How many Republican candidates have filed for the newly redrawn 13th U.S. House District, which includes all of Davie and Davidson counties and parts of Rowan, Iredell and Guilford counties?

A. Five

B. Nine

C. 12

D. 17

3. It was announced this week that proceeds from Tilley Harley-Davidson’s sixth annual Biker Blues & BBQ Rally Sept. 16-17 will go to what organization?

A. Rowan Helping Ministries

B. VA Hospice House

C. Ronald McDonald House

D. Prevent Child Abuse Rowan

4. Promats of Salisbury has recently provided one of its products to 12 Major League Baseball teams. What is it?

A. Baseball bats

B. Workout mats for team clubhouses

C. Hot tubs for training rooms

D. Backstop netting for the teams’ ballparks

5. The city of Salisbury has announced that the 100 block of East Fisher Street will be closed on various Sunday mornings from today through late August. Why will the street be closed on those Sunday mornings?

A. For continued restoration work of the Benchwarmers property

B. For tearing up the brick street surface and replacing the brick with a different kind of paver

C. For the filming of a movie

D. For improvements to the storm drainage system

6. Kannapolis City Council is considering whether the city should participate in a major “demonstration project” for downtown development. Which of these things would the proposed project not include?

A. Retail stores

B. Minor league baseball stadium

C. Parking deck

D. Residential apartments

7. What has Salisbury Pediatric Dentists been providing for free to 200 students in Rowan-Salisbury Schools?

A. Sealants for their teeth

B. Routine dental checkups

C. Fillings

D. Fluoride treatments

8. Livingstone College’s School of Hospitality Management & Culinary Arts — the former Holiday Inn — had a bothersome issue this past week for students who live in the dormitories there. What was the problem?

A. Big sinkholes in the parking lot

B. An alarm system that wouldn’t shut off

C. No hot water

D. Bed bugs

9. Justin Dionne, managing artistic director at Lee Street theatre, will be leaving that position this summer. What does he intend to do?

A. Spend a year studying Shakespeare in London

B. Relocate to Savannah, Ga., where he will manage a community theater

C. Take a supporting role in a new television drama based on the life of Thomas Edison

D. Attend graduate school at Florida State University

10. The Granite Quarry Elementary School Student Government Association raised $1,500 and spent a recent Saturday working on a special project at the school. What did the SGA do?

A. Restored the school’s basketball courts

B. Built handicapped ramps at all of the school entrances

C. Repainted all of the school bathrooms

D. Refurbished the teacher’s lounge


1. A.
2. D.
3. B.
4. D.
5. C.
6. B.
7. A.
8. C.
9. D.
10. A.