Man calls in robbery charged with falsely reporting incident, drug charges

Published 1:52 pm Friday, April 1, 2016

By Shavonne Walker

A Mocksville man was charged this week with misusing 911 after he called in a robbery that did not happen at a Woodleaf convenience store. He was also charged with having drugs in the county jail.

The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office charged Matthew David Wishon, 28, of the 4200 block of N.C. 801 North, with misuse of 911, misdemeanor resist, obstruct, delay an officer; possession of a controlled substance on jail premises and possession of a schedule II controlled substance.

Wishon told deputies he was robbed at the BP gas station at 3335 N.C. 801 in Woodleaf on Tuesday at 2 p.m. He said he went there to meet a Shanna Caudle to get a down payment for a pit bull she was buying from his friend Allie Marie Upchurch.

Wishon said Caudle got into his Jeep Cherokee and sat in the back seat on the driver’s side where he was, and in the front passenger seat was Upchurch. He said Caudle gave him counterfeit money and pointed a gun at the back of his head.

He said Caudle ordered him to give her everything he had, which was $350. He told the deputy Caudle ran from the vehicle and in the process dropped a counterfeit $20 in the parking lot, which he picked up. He said he took the dog back to Upchurch’s home and called 911.

A report said surveillance footage from the store showed Wishon was at the store closer to 1:30 p.m. It also showed a blonde woman walk up to the driver’s side window and then get into the passenger’s seat. There was some movement in the car and then she could be seen getting out and placing something in her pocket.

Wishon drove out of view in the video and then a short time later was seen outside the vehicle, counting money and holding a bill up to the sky as if to check its authenticity. He got back into vehicle and left.

The deputy told Wishon what he’d seen in the video and that Upchurch was not on the video. Wishon admitted he’d lied to the officer and said Caudle owed him money and paid him using counterfeit $20 bills. Upchurch admitted Wishon asked her to lie and confessed that she was not even at the BP gas station.

When Wishon was taken to the Detention Center and searched, a deputy found two Opana pills in his waistband pocket.

Wishon was given a $3,000 secured bond and later an added $10,000 secured bond for the drugs at the jail. He has since been released from the Rowan County Detention Center. Upchurch, 21, of the 7600 block of Jones Road, was issued a citation for resist, obstruct, delay an officer for lying to a law enforcement officer. She was not jailed, but released from the scene.

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