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Letters to the editor – Wednesday – 3-9-16

Support Harry Warren for the House — NC and US

On behalf of many Rowan County citizens, we would like to voice our strong support for Harry Warren for his re-election to our N.C. Legislature.

We have personally known and had the opportunity to work with Mr. Warren on a number of community programs and projects over the years, including many non-profit organizations and numerous programs for our military veterans. In each and every case, we have always found Mr. Warren to be a very caring and concerned representative, willing to listen to his constituents and, more importantly, willing to stand up and “do the right thing” for the citizens of Rowan County.

We hope you will join us in supporting Harry Warren and, as recently reported in the Salisbury Post, endorse his future candidacy to possibly run for U.S. Congress!

— Janis and Ronnie Smith


Without a doubt

Change in education is going to continue, therefore resolving the funding and problems associated with the public education will not be corrected in one session by the NC General Assembly. It will require a long-term commitment!

District 77 desperately needs someone committed to education with an unwavering passion for our children. That individual should know the inside of a classroom first-hand. He or she should be someone that is willing to stand firm in the midst of an attack from special interest groups including; charter school lobbyist and private school profiteers. Especially in the wake of Harry Warren’s attempt to dismantle public education funding, along with teacher benefits and salaries. This person should have a genuine desire to make sure no child is ignored; especially those living in small, low income communities. When comparing the two candidates running for NC House Seat District 77, without a doubt, the best person to represent our children is Andrew Poston.

Andrew has experience in the public classroom and he knows, through practice, how educators are oftentimes the lone parent figure genuinely committed to the welfare of our children. NC Children are losing great teachers, coaches, and role models every day because of cuts to education by our state legislature. Andrew Poston believes; “you cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. And what one person receives without working for, another person must work for… without receiving.”

— Billy Mills


Todd Adams has integrity

In the midst of this year’s national election, it may be easy to forget that Kannapolis has a local school board election that is significant to the future of our children’s education. Your voice is vital, and I urge you to join me in supporting Todd Adams on March 15.

Any leadership organization is best served by members who are resourceful and committed to representing their entire community. Todd understands — firsthand — the inevitable changes and challenges facing school districts throughout our state. His experience and knowledge make him a uniquely qualified candidate.

Having known Todd personally for a number of years, I can confidently attest that he has the ability and the integrity to continue to serve our community with distinction.

Please carefully consider your choices before voting for the Kannapolis City Board of Education and support Todd Adams on March 15. Your voice matters.

— Roger Haas


Support Adams & Parker

It is my pleasure to recommend Todd Adams and Anita Parker for the Kannapolis Board of Education.

Todd has served on the board for eight years; the past two years as chairman. He has proven himself to be a man of wide experience and great ability and has given generously of his time and energy to fulfill the duties of his position. He is a leader who accepts responsibility, initiates action for the good of the school system and leads the board in making decisions logically and with thorough deliberation.

Todd has three children enrolled in Kannapolis City Schools, but his devotion to the success of our system goes far beyond that of his children’s schools. He has consistently supported the staff and activities of all of our schools as well as the system at large and he has done so with enthusiasm and benevolence.

Anita is retired after many years of successful experience in educating students enrolled in Kannapolis City Schools. As a teacher, she carried out her duties with efficiency and dispatch, and I am confident she will do the same when elected to the Board of Education.

Anita has two sons who are graduates of A.L. Brown, so she understands how important parents are in the education of their children. She excels in collaboration and cooperation. Working with parents, volunteers, administrators, teachers and staff members, she made every effort to insure that her students were successful. She has a broad understanding of the full scope of public education and is dedicated to the best education possible for every student.

Please join me in voting for Todd Adams and Anita Parker for the Kannapolis Board of Education on March 15th.

— Doris H. Buchanan


Smith for quality schools

Jim Smith and his wife, Dr. Mary Ann Lila, came to Kannapolis as a result of Dr. Lila accepting a position with the Research Campus. Jim, having retired from the University of Illinois as a horticulturist, immediately became involved in community activities, serving on the YMCA Board and the Westlake Homeowners Association.

He recognizes the importance of quality education for the children of Kannapolis and has the interest, ability and determination to serve on the Kannapolis Board of Education.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jim on community projects and know him to be a man of impeccable character. I sincerely recommend that you vote for him on March 15.

— Gene McCombs


Support Anita Parker

Experienced educator, energetic, personable, trustworthy. These are some of the characteristics that describe Anita Parker, a candidate for Kannapolis City Schools Board of Education.

Anita maintains a fresh attitude of understanding of today’s youth. She has served public education for over 40 years and continues to be active in church, volunteer tutoring, and a broad range of community activities and responsibilities. Through these life experiences, She has developed people skills that enable her to support and guide the strengths and growth of our Kannapolis City Schools.

As an elected member of the Kannapolis City Schools Board of Education, she will have the opportunity to support students and staff and hold accountable the leadership as we all work toward a positive education future.

We know Anita and strongly feel that she is the right person, at the right time, for this leadership opportunity. Join us so our votes for Anita Parker will be for a strong and prosperous future for KCS and our community!

— Martha and Ernie Macon


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