Letters to the editor – Saturday (2-13-16)

Published 6:42 pm Saturday, February 13, 2016

Cabarrus candidate is common sense leader

Michael Fischer, candidate for State House of Representatives for the 82nd district, is a native of Cabarrus County. Michael is a common sense conservative, has a family and his children will go to Cabarrus County schools.

As a former teacher, Michael knows the challenges facing our education system and will work for us in Raleigh to improve our system here and statewide, as it is a cornerstone of economic development. Michael knows the importance of having quality schools and an educated workforce to attract potential employers to our county.

Michael will work as our representative in Raleigh to bring a sensible and respected voice for Cabarrus County’s 82nd District. Please join our family in voting for Michael Fischer for State House on March 15th.

— Grant Rader


Anticipating Easter

As we approach Easter season, for me, as a Christian, look at the sacrifice that Jesus did for me on the cross. And for this season I think we should do random acts of kindness for people. Love is the answer that Jesus had on that cross. Helping people should be the top priority in this day and time of senseless violence and hate. Love is the answer — there are people in this county who are hurting and in need!!

— Sterling Pless


Randall uplifting

I have really missed the articles each Saturday written by Sharon Randall. Her stories are always so uplifting and I enjoyed reading about her family situations. What is the status of her return?

— Patti Allman


Editor’s note: Randall’s column is back, starting today.