Letters to the editor – Tuesday – (2-2-16)

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Catawba students receive unique opporunity

Congratulations to the eight Catawba College students who had the opportunity to sing with Kristin Chenoweth last evening in her one woman show at the Charlotte Blumenthal Arts Center.

The kids were energetic, fine-tuned, and enthusiastic. It is a tribute to Chenoweth that she always invites aspiring youth to share her stage, but her gracious words to them were inspiring to the both kids and  the audience members as well.

Her heartfelt words were a prayer for their success, not merely in jobs as entertainers, but wisdom for life in terms of relationships and quality of life.

Good luck to theses musical kids as they pursue their future as singers and dancers, back stage designers, and directors. The entertainment industry is not all shallow money mongering. There is a great movement toward character being taught onstage!

— Gerrie Blackwelder


Rhodes was great educator

Recently Salisbury lost one of its most fondly remembered teachers and coaches. The untimely death of Herb Rhodes was felt throughout our community by thousands of his former students who have the privilege and pleasure to know, study under, play under and, more importantly, be influenced by this dedicated teacher.

Mr. Rhodes, as most of his students called him, now stands tall among other giants in his profession, including teachers and coaches Bill Ludwig, Jack Turney and principal John Nettles. His example was an inspiration not only to me and my teammates, but also to so many students who are better persons today because of his support and encouragement as a teacher and coach at Knox Junior High and Boyden High School.

Well done, our good and faithful servant.

— Ronnie Smith


Klumac project drags on

I absolutely love to be positive about everything. However, how long does it take to build the road from South Main Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue? Just guessing, I would say that Klumac Road has been closed about three or four years ago. What genius would close that road without having the other road open?

I own a business, commercial property and residential rental in that area and this has inconvenience everyone, businesses and residents alike. My tenant are complaining and asked me to write a letter. Don’t know whether this is city planning, state planning or railroad planning, but in this time we may have been able to build a road to China.

Should we not want to make things easy for businesses and residents? What is the problem?

— Ralph L. Baker Sr.