Everything but the kitchen sink: kitchen supply store stocks unique items for all your cooking needs

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 1, 2015

If you see something you like in Salisbury’s new kitchen supply store, chances are you’ll have to travel about thirty miles to find it again.

“If you see it here you can’t find it anywhere else in Rowan County,” storeowner Dennis Lunsford said.

Lunsford decided to open “Your Kitchen Store . . . and More” because he noticed there wasn’t anything like it in Salisbury.

“We had no type of kitchen supply stores,” he said.

There are some big box stores in the area, he said, such as Walmart, Belk’s and Kohl’s, but for Lunsford they didn’t make the cut.

“They all carry the same things,” he said, “but nobody carries anything upscale or unique.”

Lunsford spent 18 years as a used car salesman, but has dreamed about opening his own business for years. He knows his customer base, and realized that a kitchen supply store could add a lot of flavor to downtown Salisbury.

Lunsford said he started prepping business plans for Your Kitchen Store more than a year ago. Then, in September, he left his job at Ben Mynatt Nissan and started cooking up his dream.

Your Kitchen Store carries everything from difficult to find items like madelein pans to familiar tools with an innovative design, such as a dual whisk that transforms from its usual shape to a skimmer with the flick of a finger or spoons and spatulas with elevated heads that won’t muck up the counter.

Lunsford’s store is a mix of the high-end items and bargains — it’s got everything from $5 gadgets to Vitamix blenders, which can sell for more than $600. And there are solid brands like Oxo, All Clad, Breville, Joseph Joseph, and Victorinox.

Lunsford moved to Salisbury in 1998 and says he fell in love with the town and knew when he started up a business it would have to be in downtown Salisbury.

“I want to be a part of downtown,” he said.

Salisbury has spruced up since 1998 with new and interesting stores, more above-store apartments and enticing restaurants. People are moving in, Lunsford says, people are out and about, shopping and enjoying their day. And he felt like the Holmes building, with its unique face and bright, red door was a match made in heaven for his kitchen store.

“I just wanted a place I could come to work and enjoy work,” Lunsford said.

For him, that was the Your Kitchen Store. Lunsford thinks that running a business in Salisbury isn’t about the money — it’s about providing a service, filling a need and being a part of the downtown community.

The store is managed by Tony Williams, a former coworker of Lunsford who was also looking for a career change.

“I know what people are going to think, two guys owning a kitchen store,” Lunsford joked.

But they know their stuff and they’ve got big plans. Lunsford says this is just the beginning. He’s looking to continually expand his inventory as the weeks and months stretch on and he has high expectations for the store’s grand opening Thursday.

“We’re expecting Donald Trump,” he joked

“Your Kitchen Store . . . and More” will have a ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony Thursday at 10 a.m..