Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 4, 2015

1. A Salisbury woman was charged with cruelty to animals for muzzling her dog with bands of duct tape to keep the dog from barking. How did this duct-taping incident come to light?
A. Neighbors reported the owner to animal control officers
B. The dog, with its mouth taped shut, was seen in a grocery store parking lot
C. Someone visiting the woman’s house who saw the dog later turned her in
D. The woman posted a photograph of the dog with its mouth taped shut to her Facebook page

2. Which one of these things was not canceled or postponed due to the forecasts of upwards of 5 inches of rain for Rowan County during the latter part of the week?
A. The remaining days of the Rowan County Fair
B. The West Rowan High-Carson High football game
C. Autumn Jubilee
D. The Zombie Walk

3. With about a month to go before election Day, which one of these Salisbury City Council candidates has raised the most money for his or her campaign?
A. Scott Maddox
B. Tamara Sheffield
C. Constance Johnson
D. Ken Hardin

4. The state of North Carolina lost twice in court this past week to Alcoa, once when a judged ruled the state had incorrectly denied Alcoa’s request for a water quality permit for its Yadkin River Project. What did a judge rule in the other case?
A. That Alcoa has the right to charge whatever it wants for electricity produced at its dams along the Yadkin River
B. That Alcoa doesn’t have to go beyond its current practices in protecting bald eagle habitats
C. That Alcoa can claim ownership of the riverbeds in the Yadkin Project
D. That Alcoa can force High Rock Lake homeowners to dismantle their piers if they are found in violation of the company’s Shoreline Management Plan.

5. William Thompson figured out that over a 63-month period the town of East Spencer had overcharged him more than $2,000 for what?
A. Water-sewer services
B. Garbage collection. The town charged him for having three garbage cans a month, not one.
C. Leaf and limb collection services he never received
D. Recycling, though East Spencer didn’t offer recycling

6. The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation’s Choice Bus has visited more than 2 million students in 21 states, including North Rowan Middle students this past week. The main goal of the Choice Bus is what?
A. To reduce dropout rates among students
B. To have students make better choices when it comes to alcohol
C. To have students make better choices when it comes to sex
D. To show students they have choices other than going to college

7. Which one of these Carolina Panthers football players will make an appearance during the three-day grand opening of Dick’s Sporting Goods at the Shoppes at Summit Park off Julian Road?
A. Cam Newton
B. Josh Norman
C. Jonathan Stewart
D. Thomas Davis

8. On his lunch break each day, John Bouk stands on the Square in Salisbury holding up a poster for passing motorists to read. What does the poster say?
A. “A Cop’s Life Matters”
B. “Black Lives Matter”
C. “Tell Duke To Clean Up Its Coal Ash Ponds”
D. “Take A Fireman to Lunch”

9. Historic Salisbury Foundation Executive Director Brian Davis announced he will be leaving at the end of October for a new job in Louisiana. Who will he be working for in that state?
B. Louisiana State University
C. Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation
D. Louisiana Department of Cultural Resources

10. Salisbury native Kevin Carroll, an actor, has joined the cast of what television show?
A. “House of Cards”
B. “Game of Thrones”
C. “The Leftovers”
D. “Homeland”



Answers below:

1. D.

2. B.

3. B.

4. C.

5. B.

6. A.

7. D.

8. A.

9. C.

10. C.