Quotes of the week: Softball World Series edition

Published 5:08 pm Thursday, August 20, 2015

“They’re the best team in the whole world. Not many people will ever be able to say something like that, but 13 very special girls from Rowan and Iredell counties can say it.”

— Steve Yang, coach, Rowan County Little League Softball Team, after winning World Series

“These girls are just a rare breed of talent and even better character.”

— Jeff Barnhardt, longtime supporter and leader of Little League softball

“Honestly, we had confidence in these girls, but you never think it can happen — that you can get all the way here. You have to be good as a team but also have a lot of things go your way at the same time.”

— Rob Hales, assistant coach, on World Series win

“I was a nervous wreck in the first inning and the last inning.”

— Kali Morton, pitcher, after Tuesday’s 8-0 win over Southwest Regional champion Texas

“It is the coolest thing that has ever happened around here in youth sports, period.”

— John Basinger, league official and coach