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BTS-Schools list requested supplies and ask for donations

By Deirdre Parker Smith


General supplies needed for students in Rowan-Salisbury Schools include:

Kindergarten — Book bag. Optional items: glue sticks, three-ring binders, zip-close bags, unscented Wet Wipes, scissors and tissues.

Grade 1 — Book bag, block eraser, glue sticks, pencils, zip-close plastic bags, pencil pouch or box, old sock. Optional: 70-page composition notebook, dry erase markers, tissues.

Grade 2 — Book bag, crayons, notebook paper, pencils, pencil box/pouch, glue, erasers. Optional items: scissors, zip-close plastic bags, pocket folders, composition notebooks, clipboard, tissues.

Grade 3 — Loose leaf paper, pencils, tissues.

Grade 4 — Loose leaf paper, pencils, pencil pouch/box, composition notebooks or three-ring binder, tissues.

Grade 5 — Loose leaf paper, pencils, pencil pouch/box, composition notebooks or three-ring binder, tissues.

Some elementary school have very specific lists depending on grade level.


For kindergarten: book bag (no rolling backpacks); towel; six packs 8 count (only) crayons (skinny ones); 12 glue sticks; one pair of Fiskars brand scissors (blunt tip); box of tissues; two single-subject notebooks and one 70-page wide rule composition notebook; one container Lysol brand wipes; four Expo brand markers (black); three two-pocket plastic, sturdy folders, no prongs (one red, one green, one blue); one box gallon size zip-close plastic bags and one box quart size zip-close plastic bags; one container baby wipes; personal headphones/earbuds.

First through fifth grade students, in general, need a backpack; glue sticks; snack, sandwich and gallon zip-close plastic bags; boxes of tissues; earbuds to keep at school; pocket folders; notebook paper; marble composition books; pencil top erasers; pencils (non-mechanical); colored pencils; baby wipes; hand sanitizer; and a stylus. The lists are specific to each grade. Information will be provided at the Aug. 20 open house, or you can see the list here: https://www.smore.com/9pxf0

Granite Quarry kindergarten students should bring: two boxes of 24 count Crayola crayons; one spiral one-subject notebook; one pack of four glue sticks; one box any size zip-close plastic bags; book bag; one 1-inch three-ring binder; one pencil pouch that fits in binder; headphones to use with iPads; one change of clothes to leave at school. In addition, students should bring at least one of these items —Expo dry erase markers, washable Crayola markers, Ticonderoga pencils, fragrance free baby wipes.

First graders need a book bag; one box of 24 crayons; block erasers; wide rule notebook paper; four 70-page spiral notebooks or composition books; four two-pocket folders; a pack of glue sticks; two boxes of tissues; headphones; dry erase markers; a three-ring binder; and baby wipes.

Students in all grades will need headphones; glue sticks; tissues; non-sprial composition books; pencils; zip-close plastic bags. Third-graders need a box of bandages and three packs of sticky notes, along with the other general supplies; starting with third grade, earbuds are acceptable.

A wish list for donations includes Expo markers, Post-it sticky notes, wide-ruled notebook paper, colored pens and pencils, washable markers and crayons.


Kindergarteners should bring a 1-1/2 inch three-ring binder; three packs of 24 Crayola crayons; glue sticks; one bottle of liquid glue; one pair of Fiskars scissors; tissues; baby wipes; a 24-pack of pencils; two large, pink erasers; three spiral notebooks, one red, one blue and one yellow, 70 sheets each, with wide rule paper; and $5 for a class field trip shirt.

First graders need to bring three boxes of crayons; 24 glue sticks; a pencil box; two boxes of tissues; two packages of baby wipes; dry erase markers; two boxes of 24-pack wooden pencils (not coated with plastic); pencil top erasers; a pink eraser; four folders with fasteners, one red, one yellow, one blue, one green; and four spiral notebooks in the same colors; a 2-inch binder, a 1-inch binder; girls bring a box of sandwich bags, boys a box of quart bags, everyone a box of gallon bags and a box of 2 gallon bags, along with scissors, liquid glue.

Second graders need the usual paper, pencils and a pack of markers; two yellow highlighters; and a three-ring binder (1-1/2 inch with a clear sleeve).

Third graders need copy paper; pencils; highlighters; dry erase markers; red and yellow notebooks; a clipboard; 3-by-5-inch index cards; an agenda to fit in a 1-inch binder; and a small pencil box.

Fourth graders will need wide-ruled paper; a pack of copier printer paper; pencils; a three-ring binder or Trapper Keeper; four pocket folders with three prongs in green, red, yellow and blue; a pencil pouch with sharpener to fit in binder; hand sanitizer; Lysol wipes; and the usual pencils, markers, highlighters, etc.

Fifth graders need four composition books; notebook paper; crayons, etc.; tissues; glue; a stylus and head phones. a complete list can be found here: http://hes.rss.k12.nc.us/sites/hes.rss.k12.nc.us/files/general/2015-16_hurley_supply_list.pdf


The list is not as specific as some and includes book bags; crayons; pencils; glue sticks; scissors; plastic bags; tissues; wet wipes; notebooks; paper; a binder for the higher grades. Some teachers will also have a classroom wish list.

Mount Ulla

Kindergarten: headphones; book bags with no wheels; glue sticks. Optional items: gallon zip-close plastic bags; dry erase markers; coffee filters; tissues. Grade one also needs two single-subject wide ruled spiral notebooks; one 1-inch, three-ring notebook; crayons; pencils (no mechanical); pink block eraser; loose leaf notebook paper, wide rules; one red and one blue pocket folder, no metal; pencil box that snaps or zips, with the child’s name written on it. The wish list includes sticky notes, index cards, highlighters, fine and wide-tip dry erase markers.

Grade two needs three composition books and a 2-inch binder, along with the usual supplies. Grade three asks for several packages of pencils, loose leaf paper and spiral notebooks, as well as markers, colored pencils, index cards and highlighters. Grade four needs earbuds, tissues, disinfectant wipes, four non-spiral composition books, a 1/2-inch binder, paper, thin dry-erase markers and the usual supplies. Grade five needs five wide-ruled composition books, two three-prong folders, and the usual, including red pens.

The wish list includes baby wipes, Lysol wipes, construction paper, cap erasers, markers, sharpies, sticky notes and wide-ruled notebook paper.


One hard plastic pencil box with attached lid; four boxes of 24-pack Crayola crayons; one box Crayola markers, broad tip; one chunky pink eraser; three 4-ounce bottles Elmer’s glue; two boxes of tissues; one pair blunt-tip Fiskar scissors; two marble composition notebooks (not spiral); a book bag.

The wish list is for Lysol brand wipes, sandwich and gallon size zip-close plastic bags and baby wipes.

Middle and high school supply lists depend on which team or teacher the child is assigned to. Schedules are typically given at open house, as well as specific supply lists.

In general, middle and high schools students need notebook paper, notebooks, composition books, pens in blue or black, pencils, erasers and highlighters.

Southeast Middle has specific requests for each grade. Sixth graders will need, in addition to general supplies, two 2-inch binders, ear buds and an iPad microfiber cloth. Donations of tissues, notebook paper, tape, colored pencils/markers, Expo markers and highlighters are requested.

For seventh-graders, they must additionally have two three-ring binders, flash drive and ear buds, glue stick, colored pencils/markers, microfiber cloth for the iPad. Donations requested include tissues, notebook paper, colored pencils, markers and Expo markers.

Eighth-graders should have the usual supplies, along with 10 dividers with pockets for three-ring binders, the microfiber cloth and graph paper. Options requests are tissues, Expo markers, highlighters, colored pencils/markers, glue sticks, ruler and scissors.



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