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Letters to the editor — Monday (7-13-2015)

LGBT community isn’t persecuting Christians 

After reading letter after letter about how Christians are being persecuted by the LGBT community, the so-called liberals and non-Christians, I had to say a few words. First of all, no matter what your preacher or the huge Hobby Lobby ad tells you, the founding fathers were not Christians. Most were deists, and some were atheist. Read Thomas Jefferson’s and John Adams’ letters to each other and find out for yourself. And also Thomas Paine’s great work, “The Age of Reason.”

Second, the Christian community, especially those in the ministry, have enjoyed a tax free status forever. This country loses over $82 billion annually because churches don’t pay taxes. This money could be used to feed a lot of hungry people, or pay a lot of poor people’s electric bills. Who seems to have all of the privilege here?

People have the right in this country to believe as they want, or not believe, as the case may be. It is morally wrong to deny certain segments of the population their rights because of some certain group’s religious beliefs. No one is making you marry a gay person, be an atheist or worship Allah. But as long as these people are citizens of the United States of America, they have the same rights and privileges that you have enjoyed for hundreds of years without question. Who is being persecuted?

— Robin Hager


Rallying around the flag?

I don’t mean to make light of the current Confederate Flag controversy but as I drive around the area I see more Stars and Bars going up than coming down. I think we all better take a step back and, as in sailing, find a new tack.

— Annick Nurisso


Fly it right — or not at all

I am writing in regard to the controversy over the Confederate flag. A couple of weeks ago, the Post had a picture of the flag flying over the capitol in Alabama. I wonder if anyone other than myself noticed that the flag was flying upside down? No, today (July 3), there is another picture of the flag on the front page of the sports section at a NASCAR race — also upside down. For now we have the right to possess and fly any flag we want, but that right might soon be lost. I say if you take so much pride in your flag, at least fly it right or furl it.

— Wayne Query

China Grove

Our divided nation

It is so unbelievable to listen to the talking heads on ABC, CBS, NBC, and yes even Fox cable news. The pacifiers have caved in on the Confederate Battle Flag. Other racists are demanding their pound of flesh for the recent shooting in Charleston and demand the flag must come down in South Carolina. Statues in Salisbury and Charlotte are being denigrated just because they depict things of the Civil War. Neither flags nor statues are responsible for racism. If it is in your heart to be a racist then you are, but to say all things of Southern heritages is racist is in and of itself racist.

Never has this country been divided as it is today simply from a lack of leadership. We have been living under the apocalypse of divide and conquer, Democrats against Republicans, blacks against whites, the rich from the poor, the haves and the have-nots.

Just what have the Republicans done since assuming control of the Senate and the House? Other than give Obama his trade deal, nothing. The only candidate to arouse much interest is Trump and what are the Republicans, Democrats and the talking heads of the news shows saying? Nothing good about Trump. The people are tired of milquetoast Republicans and their moderate advisors, the people want to see someone with a “fire is his belly.” We need a candidate who will get out the vote, someone with a plan to end the ongoing destruction of our country. One man (the President) can’t do this alone – he needs a Congress not so concerned about re-election. The President and Congress must work together to begin to undo the damage to the economy, the rule of law and the separation of powers. Pray it is not too late.

— Richard Roberts


What photo doesn’t show

Re: The photo with the (July 8) article, “People with concerns about Confederate monument say it’s time to talk”:

After seeing this picture and reading the article, I noted that no white people showed up to urge discussion of the statue. I also noticed the only council member engaging with those pictured is a person of color, chuckling as if sharing an inside joke.

I infer those who care about this issue are a small group of black people. It seems no white council members care to engage with them. A typical story of racial conflict.

But now I know the impression from the photo is false. An acquaintance in Salisbury who was at the meeting let me know the photo does not show the white citizens who attended and agree with those quoted in the article. White council members do care about these citizens’ concerns and engaged them. But the photo gives the opposite impression.

In online distribution of the photograph, comments show that others drew the same impression from this photo: “black vs. white” (despite a couple of white commenters speaking up) …

“Sorry not being racist here but I don’t see one white person in this pic … it’s a shame what this world is turning into.”

“The pic screams racist intentions …. intentions based on the pic alone … I don’t see any white, Hispanic, Chinese etc ppl there upset about the statue …”

“You take down the monument to the Southern dead of Rowan County in the name of appeasing and pacifying the black folks …”

When I worked in journalism, we referred to such photos, failing to accurately document facts that would add depth and nuance to a controversial story, by their industry equivalent: “PR stock.” I hope as this story develops the Salisbury Post does better.

— David Huth

Houghton, N.Y.

Summer Fan success

Rufty-Holmes Senior Center has just completed another successful Summer Fan Program. Our initial allotment of box fans was supplied through generous annual funding from the Duke Energy Foundation. Additional fans were later purchased, allowing us to help a total of 119 older adults in Rowan County in the extremely hot weather we have had so far. This program gives priority to senior adults who do not have air conditioning or adequate cooling in their homes.

We always receive great support for our fan program from the Salisbury Post, Senior Savvy, various county offices and area organizations. This year we want to give special thanks to the Enochville Church of God in Kannapolis, including the kindergarten through fifth-graders in their children’s program. Their generous donation allowed us to reach many more adults in need of extra cooling help.

Many thanks to everyone who helped publicize and support our Summer Fan Program.

— Susan A. Davis

Davis is an administrative assistant at Rufty-Holmes Senior Center.



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