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Week in review: Test your nose for local news

1. Of the present five-member Salisbury City Council, three have said they will not be candidates for re-election this fall. Which three?

A. Karen Alexander, Brian Miller and Paul Woodson
B. Maggie Blackwell, Miller and Woodson
C. William “Pete” Kennedy, Alexander and Blackwell
D. Kennedy, Woodson and Blackwell

2. At Hill’s Minnow Farm Saturday, the High Rock Lake community celebrated its first-ever festival in honor of what fruit?
A. Peaches
B. Blueberries
C. Strawberries
D. Blackberries

3. Which of these statements is not true about the Rowan County animal shelter?
1. Adoption rates are rapidly improving
2. Euthanasia rates are higher than adoption rates
3. Rescue groups, not individuals, are adopting the largest percentage of animals
4. An increase in adoptions is likely caused by last-minute rescues of animals close to being euthanized

4. Because of this growing season’s low rainfall amounts, the Piedmont Research Station has announced it will purchase up to 800 tons of what crop from local farmers?
A. Corn
B. Soybeans
C. Alfalfa
D. Tomatoes

5. As of Oct. 1, the state of North Carolina will lift a longstanding Sunday ban on what?
A. Playing poker
B. Selling beer at college basketball games
C. Hunting with guns
D. Fishing

6. West Rowan High graduate Kaitlyn Allen, now a student at Liberty University, recently competed in a race between Fredericksburg, Va., and Fairhope, Ala. What was the mode of travel for competitors?
A. Airplanes
B. Bicycles
C. Motorcycles
D. Segways

7. The Rowan County Board of Commissioners has hired a Triad company as a recruiter for what?
A. More tenants for the West End Plaza
B. Companies to build speculative buildings
C. More EMS workers
D. NASCAR-related industries

8. This past week, Salisbury Mayor Paul Woodson said, “As of now, we have not progressed to a point that any productive public discussion could be accomplished.” What was he talking about?
A. The possible sale of Fibrant, the city-owned fiber-optic utility
B. Moving forward with the formation of a Chestnut Hill Historic District
C. A community dialogue about the Confederate monument at Innes and Church streets
D. The city’s possible move to district representation in elections

9. Salisbury City Council approved a rezoning this past week for Richard’s Barbecue at 522 N. Main St. Why did restaurant owner Richard Monroe seek the rezoning?
A. He wants to add outdoor dining
B. He plans to add a second drive-through window
C. He hopes to add 11 parking spaces at the front and side of the restaurant
D. He wants to add a consignment shop at the back of the restaurant

10. Among high schoolers, who were named as Rowan County’s male and female athletes of the year?
A. Brandon Sloop and Khaila Hall
B. Samuel Wyrick and Demeria Robinson
C. J.C. Burton and Avery Locklear
D. Lavon Hill and Alex Allen


Answers below:

1. D. Kennedy, Woodson and Blackwell — all veteran council members — have said they will not be candidates in November.

2. D. The first Blackberry Festival was held at Hill’s Minnow Farm Saturday.

3. B. Euthanasia rates at the Rowan County animal shelter are not higher than current adoption rates.

4. A. Rowan County corn yields will be lower this summer because of a moderate drought.

5. C. The Sunday ban on hunting with guns will be lifted in the state Oct. 1, but it still will prohibit shooting game between 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. when most Christian church services are being held.

6. A. Allen, a commercial and corporate aviation major at Liberty University, competed in the Air Race Classic for female pilots.

7. B. Rowan County will be hiring Triad Commercial Properties to recruit developers of speculative buildings.

8. C. A group of people attended Salisbury City Council’s meeting last Tuesday in hopes of initiating a discussion about the Confederate monument.

9. C. Richard’s Barbecue needed the rezoning and conditional district so it could add 11 parking spaces.

10. A. Sloop is a recent graduate of Carson High School, where he starred in football and was a Class 3A state wrestling champion. Hall is a junior at West Rowan High and stars in basketball and track.




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