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… No. 1 in guns but not gun murders

Great job of compiling this information and all these numbers, Wes. Just another example, proof-positive, of why the left (liberalism) wants and needs, so badly, to control the narrative. Controlling the narrative is key to controlling the people. … Our rights are unalienable, but they must be constantly defended.

— Steve Pender

Wes Rhiner compiled no information and no numbers. This “article” is nearly a word-for-word copy of the blog site he mentions. A blog site that lists its sole source of information as Wikipedia. …The statistics in this piece are about murder rates in general. How many of these murders were committed with guns? Perhaps if the statistics were a little more specific and/or accurate, it would show that the United States is 15th in per capita homicides by gun.

— Jason Harwood

All of this is true-ish. We’ve just collectively decided that virtually unrestricted gun ownership is what we want and mass shootings are a price we are willing to pay. To make that cause, we’re willing to say “we’re better than Serbia!” as a point.

Indeed, staggering points in our favor, we’re OK with mass shootings and better than Serbia because of guns!

— Greg Page

Maybe, just maybe, it’s not all about guns. Maybe it’s about an unwillingness to stigmatize people with mental disorders or criminal tendencies. We are either going to have to build more mental health facilities or more caskets. Mass murder is not the price we pay for gun ownership; it is the price we pay for ignoring the signs of mental disorders.

— Bruce LaRue

… Confederate flag sparks opposing rallies in Salisbury

There is only one reason the Confederate states seceded from the United States — they wanted to retain their perceived God-given right to own black people.

— Tony Thompson

In contrast to the opposing sides, the beautiful, silent angel and her silent, dead soldier seem concerned with more pressing matters than this life.

— Mack Williams

We need to do away with the hate of the different races. A flag is a flag. A monument is a monument. The guy that killed the people in South Carolina killed Christians in the house of God. Don’t you think it’s the Christians who are in danger?

— Bonnie Beaver

“We really need to do away with all of the signs that are symbolic for negative things in society.” … So is the Confederate flag the only thing in America that is a negative in society, at least according to you?

— Brad VunCannon

The Confederate group were also waving the yellow flag of the Tea Party. Not a surprise to me. What an embarrassment to our community

— Deborah Krueger

The ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ banner dates from before the Revolutionary War. Turn off the MSNBC, go to the library, and get some books on American history.

— Stephen Owen

OK, fine, ban the flag, but don’t be hypocrites and stop there. Take down American flag, stop flying the African flag, demand that Mt. Rushmore be removed; Ditto with Egyptian pyramids, ditto with anything and everything dealing with slavery.

— Robert Johnson

“Our education system isn’t teaching what the flag really stands for,” said Iredell County resident Seth Williams. “I support the men that fought and my family that fought, and it wasn’t for slavery. It was for high tariffs, independence and states’ rights.”

I don’t think Seth was paying attention in history class. If so, he would remember what Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens stated at the beginning of the Civil War:

“Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition.”

— Greg Hicks

Potential allies are being kept apart by made-up issues. The rebel flag must be retired from the public square and begin an honest conversation about race. Let’s begin with Bacon’s rebellion of 1676.

— Reginald Brown

The rebel flag has its historic place in museums and Civil War reenactments. Beyond that it is a blatant symbol of racism. Heritage? Yes — a heritage of racism!

— Kathy Vestal

So what do you think the American Indian thinks about the stars and stripes?

— Jimmy Potts

The Confederate battle flag, a symbol of terror and oppression, must be relegated to history. Same with the statue where they protested.

— Rod Goins

The flag should not be displayed on public property. The statue is an artistic portrayal of the horror and sorrow of those who fought in the war and should remain right where it is. The 19th century is much more complex than the simple minded “good guys, bad guys” approach of TV news.

— Jeff Saleeby

… Morgan funeral: A voice from ‘so long ago, so far away’

Beautifully written. I love how you told the story from the MIA’S perspective. My dad is MIA from Vietnam, and myself, my six siblings and our mom still wait for answers. My dad never had a funeral or service.

— Tara O’Grady

Having worked with “Spooky” in Vietnam I say welcome home, brother. May you rest in peace with your other brothers who have made that last flight.

— Tom Rawlings

Chief Master Sgt. Morgan, thank you for your service and reminding us all that freedom is not free. Mark, thank you for sharing this extraordinary story with us. Superbly written.

— John Thomas

OMG, this is beautiful. My brother was MIA 37 years (Huey gunship pilot, Firebird 91), remains identified 2006, buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Originally, we received one tooth and his dog tag. In 2011 we got five more teeth and two bone shards.

I lived every word written in your remarkable story. Well written, indeed. Brings tears of love that reach deep into my heart. Thank you, Mark Wineka, for writing this beautiful life story.

— Marylou Wade



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