Police arrest man wielding machete in McDonald’s parking lot

Published 10:22 am Thursday, June 4, 2015

By Shavonne Walker


Salisbury Police responded early Thursday¬†to the McDonald’s on East Innes Street after people reported seeing a man waving a sword in the air. Upon arrival, police quickly saw the sword was actually a machete with tape around the handle.

Police charged Chris Lewis, 31, of the 200 block of Ted Lane, with misdemeanor carrying a concealed weapon, misdemeanor carrying a gun/pistol, misdemeanor resist, obstruct, delay an officer and misdemeanor simple possession of marijuana.

Officers responded to the restaurant parking lot shortly after midnight when they saw Lewis, “dancing” with what initially appeared to be a sword. Officers confronted Lewis, who put the machete down.

Officers attempted to search Lewis for other weapons and he began to back away. He took off running into traffic on East Innes Street. He ran to the Big Lots parking lot all the while emptying his pockets, said Police Capt. Shelia Lingle.

He ran behind Big Lots and fell after running into a muddy puddle.

Upon searching Lewis, officers found a Lorcin 25-caliber handgun, a pocket knife shaped like a gun and 1 gram of marijuana.

According to the N.C. Department of Public Safety, Lewis was convicted of driving while license revoked, selling a scheduled IV controlled substance, misdemeanor larceny on multiple occasions, delivering and selling a scheduled II controlled substance, simple assault, damage to property, and resisting arrest.

He was issued a $2,500 secured bond and remains in the Rowan County jail.