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Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 3, 2015

There have been several questions lately about what information conveyed at the bridge table is authorized and what is not.

Unauthorized information is anything revealed during the auction or during play of a hand that is not sanctioned by ACBL law. During bidding, it can occur in the form of body language, tempo or extraneous questions not part of a normal auction. Any questions about or reactions to partner’s bids are not allowed. Sighs, grunts, or facial expressions are also forbidden. You may not react to your own missteps.

Usually unauthorized information conveys disapproval of a bid, possibly causing partner to change his response. This type of information is unauthorized for the offender but is considered authorized for the non-offender. The guilty players may not use any off hand information in subsequent bidding or play. Every move after the offense occurs needs to be what would be proper and expected had the error not been made.

If the offenders alter play to fit the unauthorized information they are open to receiving penalties. On the other hand the non-offenders can use any extraneous information gained with impunity but at their own peril.

If misinformation has been given on purpose causing harm to the non-offenders, severe penalties will apply. A player’s best course of action at the table to avoid penalties is to follow the rules, keep silent and display a poker face.

Friday, April 24 Evergreen winners were: N/S First, Jan Glover and Andra Cozart; second, Craig Poplin and Jan Metz; third, Ron and Shirley Jeffers.

E/W First, BettyBonner Steele and Betty Bills; second, Pat Macon and Judy Gealy; third, John and Myrnie McLaughlin.

Our featured board is #26 from the April 24 game. All players vulnerable East Dealer


S  A Q T

H  6

D  T 8 7 6 5 4

C  7 6 5


WEST:            EAST:

S  K J              S  9 8 5 3

H  A Q 7 3 2   H  K T 5 4

D  9 D             K Q

C  A K Q 4 3   C  J 8 2



S  7 6 4 2

H  J 9 8

D  A J 3 2

C  T 9

The best N/S score was made by Jan Glover and Andra Cozart setting 5HW 1 trick while Toni Iossi and Beth Shafer had the best E/W score bidding and making 4HW+2.  With a diamond lead and then a return of a spade only 4H is possible.

nner’s at Tuesday’s Women’s Club game were: First, Tom Johnson and Nancy Brandt; second, Dick Brisbin and David Goff; third, Chuck and Margaret Rimer; fourth, Georgia Sorensen and BettyBonner Steele.

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