Letters to the editor — Sunday (4-5-2015)

Published 12:05 am Sunday, April 5, 2015

Several months ago we (HHC) went to Dan Nicholas Park to walk the trails and have a look around. The walk went real good, but when we had our look around we saw a sign posted that didn’t make any sense. Here is what it riddled. No smoking or pets allowed in playgrounds for the health and safety of the children.

So now we have a few questions for the Rowan County manager’s office.

1. What is the purpose of that sign?

2. What exactly does that sign mean?

3. This is the big one! Why is the children’s health and safety any more of a concern in the playgrounds than it is at the putt-putt course, the train ride, the concession stand and all points in between?

Then a couple of weeks ago we visited a park in Cabarrus County, Camp Spencer. Here is what their sign stated. Enjoy your tobacco-free park. For you health, tobacco products are prohibited at all times everywhere, by everyone. Thank you for your cooperation. Violators can be fined $50.

Now here’s a question for all parents/grandparents. After considering both signs, which county, Rowan or Cabarrus, do you think has the most concern for the safety and health of our children?

— Hillbilly Hiking Club


The Hillbilly Hiking Club members are Whitey Harwood, S. Wormy Chewning, B. Willie Earnhardt, D. Waylate Brisbin, J. Wheezy Harwood and Charlie Whitehead Jr. the third.