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Talkback: What online readers say about …

… ‘Morally bankrupt’ indictment of couple isn’t enough

Erica isn’t forgotten. She’s not missing. I guarantee you, after a week or two, Sandy will probably spill his guts when he realizes that no appeal will bring them out of jail or prison. … Give me a shovel and allow us to go on the property where her bones are buried back behind the red shed on the Parsonses’ property in China Grove, and the $50,000 can be collected.

— Rebecca Dye

This story makes me sick. Why are these people not being tried for murder,  questioned about the child till they spill the beans?

— Mary Smith

These two people don’t need to see daylight again! So sad what they did to this innocent child!

— Marilyn Warren

This couple was a sorry excuse of parents. They should spend the rest of their lives suffering for what they put this child through and teaching their other children how to abuse her. These children will probably grow up to be like their parents. Let’s hope not, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

— Bonnie Beaver

The judge should give them a choice — come up with Erica or spend the rest of your life in prison.

— Michael Williams

They’ll go to a Club Fed for white-collar criminals, sadly.

— Bruce LaRue

They should be charged with murder. Erica will probably never be found. It breaks my heart to imagine the pain and horror this child endured.

— James Lambert

They are basically getting off scot-free! This is an awful injustice for Erica!

— Pilar Lantrip

Crazy people do not care about what they have done. They always look as if noting bothers them.

— Brenda H. Poole

  Adams speaks to Rowan Democrats, mentions intent to run for re-election

Congresswoman Adams is committed to the 12th district! She has even started a bipartisan caucus for HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities)! She expressed the importance of students being involved. … Take heed, students, and get involved with your local county political party!

— Veleria Levy

Good luck on swaying Tillis and Burr in any direction other than their commitment to Art Pope. If Democrats want to make a difference in 2016, we need to put candidates on the ballot sheet. Unopposed Republicans will always get re-elected. Duh!

— Lynda Kirkpatrick

… Bernard Harris — Not ‘all about that bass’

Thanks for publishing this article. I’d like to encourage all of my friends to come out and hear this phenomenal jazz bass player. He’s also a wonderful Christian man. See you there!

— Bob Wingate

If  you’ve never seen these guys, go. You won’t be sorry! Salisbury is a bit far for me, but I wish I could make it.

— David Collough

Bernard, I am so proud of you for allowing God to use you and to take you to higher heights, while all the while remaining humble. I am proud to call you my cousin!

— Cynthia Perry

I am so into the jazz and blues music and would love to hear this man. He has toured with some great musicians….

— Nancy Hillard

…The cookie (record) crumbles: Judd, Walker each sell 3,500 boxes

Love it! Thanks, Mark, for writing such a great article about the girls. They are more than thrilled that they made the front page – totally unexpected!

— Stephenie Walker

Enjoyed reading the article. Positive news is always a welcome. Need more of it. Competition between others produce winners on both sides.

— Tommy Thomason

…Mooresville man charged following fatal accident

Prayers for both the families. And for Dakota for what he faces in the future and has to live with for him and his daughter. It will be a long road but sending prayers to you and the family. Look into God and take it day by day.

— Trina Reed

I can’t believe this happened to such a sweet girl. … You had a beautiful soul. I’m just glad I got to meet you and be touched by your kindness! RIP, Kala

— Aimee Sheree

So sad to see both of their lives change in an instant. 23 is so young…to get life in jail. Praying for peace for both families.

— Maryann V. Lane

… Local basketball: Team FLY does it for love of youth

This was a very nice article But you have to give credit where credit us due! TEAM F.L.Y is Dadrian Cuthbertson’s brainchild. It would have been nice if he had been acknowledged for all he does.

— Ebony Harris

… Pitts: Before having conversation on race, we need education on race

Of course we all made fun of the Starbucks CEO (Howard Schultz); he is a typical lefty (which is one reason you’ll never see me patronizing a Starbucks). We’ve long ago learned that whenever the left calls for a “conversation about race,” it does not mean an actual conversation; it means, in essence, “I’m right, you’re wrong; I’m smart, you’re not; you need educating.” The clueless Schultz simply believed, and acted upon, his own party’s talking points, that an actual conversation was desired and could be beneficial. He quickly learned otherwise.

— Steve Pender

Thank you, Mr. Pitts, for rendering a different perspective on the Starbucks debacle. We agree that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Perhaps we should go there in order to understand how the institutional conspiracy of ignorance works and regard racism as a system.

We can begin by realizing that racism is a tool used by interests that prosper from division and human conflict. Who and what are these interests? …

— Reginald Brown

…Officials announce $2.2 million renovation at Transportation Museum

Many of the homes in Spencer still have a historic layer of coal soot in their attics. Many people are unaware of the fact that coal fired boilers/electric generators ever existed at the facility. Some people solely blame the soot on all the coal powered locomotives of yesteryear. I’m sure the soot has been a surprise to many a home buyer in Spencer! It sort of makes one nostalgic for the good old days of washing a load of whites only to have them dry to a dingy gray out on the clothes line. Swell.

— Carl Prine

As a Spencer taxpayer, I would gladly support this effort for the future generations of Rowan County.

— Tom Neill III

“It’s important for authentic tourism…” There is more than meets the eye to that comment.

— Pete Hoffman

Susan Kluttz was a great mayor! Still looking after Salisbury-Rowan.

— Todd Paris



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