Talkback: What online readers say about …

Published 7:05 am Friday, March 13, 2015

… A dental crisis up close

You could put dentists on every street corner and fluoridate the entire country, and decay and gum disease would still be a scourge because dentists and auxiliaries are only about 5 percent of the answer.

The other 95 percent resides in nutrition and education of the public about the fact that decay and gum disease are contagious, bacterial, transmissible, infectious diseases caused by bad bacteria living in oral microbial biofilm.

Until the dental profession teaches people that lousy nutrition + lousy oral hygiene + bad bacteria = decay and gum disease, we nay never make much headway.

Maybe one good answer to our dental problems would be to promote dental probiotics and let the bacteria fight each other instead of fighting us. There is no way we could ever hope to drill, fill, bill and fluoridate our way out of dental problems. Dental probiotics will probably be the way to go.

— Steven J. Edwards

Personal responsibility in terms of home hygiene practices, diet and routine preventive care could alleviate many dental issues. Prevention is always better, and less expensive, than treatment. No major disease in the history of mankind has been eradicated by a treatment program. …

Begin early by making sure children are optimally fluoridated, enjoy the benefits of dental sealants and regular, early preventive care. Don’t allow your children to drink sodas or sports drinks, even diet drinks. Stay away from tobacco. Ask about fluoride varnish at well baby visits and preventive programs in your child’s school.

Some dental benefits are now included in private medical insurance for children as a result of the ACA. Adult dental benefits are included in Medicaid, but since North Carolina is not participating in the ACA, a segment of our population does not have such benefits. Medicare does not include oral health benefits.

— Keegan Krueger

Part of the issue is the fact that dental insurance does not cover services in the same way health insurance does. … Even with good dental insurance, my last visit was several hundred dollars with more to come. And, quite frankly, most of the dentists in this area do not take insurance at all for anything but preventive services.

I do not resent dentists making a good living, but I don’t understand why dental services are not dealt with like other health issues. I brush, floss, and all the other stuff — even use restorative mouth wash. It frustrates me.

— Joan E. Gardiner

Sometimes you can do everything right and still have dental problems. Second, most dentists are mediocre at best, hacks at worst. I’ve had one really excellent dentist in my life. The others have been horrible. There is no way to hold them accountable for their poor work. Third, good dental care that preserves the teeth (vs. pulling) is beyond the ability of many to pay for. It is shameful that we can’t have affordable health/dental care for everyone in this wealthy nation.

— Dorothy Jean Kirk

Please, I practice brushing and flossing three/four times a day. But I can’t afford dental insurance and darn sure can’t afford $150-$300 for initial visit, $150 per tooth to be extracted, $1,000 for a root canal and another $800 for a crown, $150-$350 for fillings depending on how much work needs to be done, dentures @ $750 and up. Give me a break.

I am sure that malpractice and insurance is not near as expensive as a general practitioner. I am so sorry I missed the dental clinic. I wish there were more of them. I would be happy to volunteer and give back for services rendered.

— George Burgess

We have well-paid professionals in elaborate offices that will not work with people who can’t afford the entire bill at one time, but will give services away for free on days like this. I’ve seen it too many times with clients I work(ed) with. It peeves me! These people are hard-working, but caught in the trap between not making enough for dental insurance, but making too much to get Medicaid or free dental services. The system is truly twisted.

— Angela Lee

… Motorist hits service dog, keeps driving

I read this story probably three times. I think this is so sad. You would think there would be some type law especially for a service dog. …

If the person that hit the dog is found, they should have to pay for another. Does the owner have insurance that would pay for another? Is Insurance a key word here? Maybe the driver had no insurance or license for that matter.

— Amy Sherrill

Such a sad thing to happen. Briggs and Gary used to walk by where we live and (we) would talk about Briggs. Having German shepherds myself, we would swap stories and notice the same things in our dogs.

I hope this person who did this has a heart and does the right thing and turns himself in. Prayers for him and Briggs, that he did not suffer.

— Michelle Comer

Leaving the scene and a distraught owner alone is just cowardly. I am sure this only added to the pain and trauma of the owner. I also own a German shepherd, and every time I look at him I think of Briggs and his owner left alone with the aftermath.

— Marilyn Harrison

… Kidney transplant a success for Herbert, Jones

If you wonder what a miracle looks like, take a look at these two. I have prayed and asked my family and friends to flood heaven with their names.

God has a plan for these two, and I can hardly wait. I know Jesus is proud of these two. He saved their souls and then sent them just what they needed — each other. I have cried like a baby thanking God for answering our prayers and giving the gift of life back to these two and giving Belinda and Sherry their husbands back. To God be all the glory!

— Dee Slagle

Sending prayers for a speedy recovery and complete healing. Praise God for the miracles he performed with the help of the doctors.

— Melinda Sutton

… Bebop’s closing its doors, moving to Spencer

The railroad is doing nothing but destroying these towns for no reason.

— Chuck Freeze

Chuck, the railroads were there long before the towns. And at an earlier point in history there were two main tracks at this same location. By the way, the railroad owns the property. You do believe in property rights, don’t you?

— Tim Kelley

You picked a good place and building to relocate to. Good luck with your move and future business. I’m sure you will do great, especially when they have events at the Transportation Museum across the street.

— Kellie Martin

I live next to Spencer and am glad to see you come there. There isn’t much near us and we’ll take this opportunity to visit your restaurant often.

— Melinda Hartman

I live in Charlotte and looked forward to eating at your place in China Grove when traveling up I-85. I’ll follow you to Spencer for those battered french fries.

— Jim Norman

As far as the railroad and property rights go, it’s a bad move on their part by causing all these crossings to close and taking people’s businesses away. I reckon all of China Grove, Landis, Kannapolis and Salisbury will have their lives turned upside down because of the railroad. There was nothing wrong with the way things were.

The only thing that’s gonna happen now is a lot of other people will lose their lives with this high speed train. The system wasn’t broke, but they had to screw things up anyway.

— Thomas Vanderburg