Deeds, March 1

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 1, 2015

Real estate transfers filed in the office of Register of John Brindle with sale price indicated by revenue stamps. Deeds with no stamps are not listed.


Atwell Township

James L. Carter Jr. as substitute Trustee to Kathy Miller, $40,000

Eduardo Perez and wife to Juan Enrique Cortez Flores and wife and others, $100,000

Deborah C. Fisher and husband and others to Aquileo Mandoza Torres and wife, $17,500

Dewayne A. Jones and wife to William S. Allen and wife, $230,000

Shane Alan Lauderdale and wife to Matthew Hunter Deal, $132,000

Rogers Townsend & Thomas PC as substitute trustee to The Bank of New York, Mellon, $47,000

21st Mortgage Corporation to Christopher L. Smith, $90,000

Phillip Hinson and spouse to Charles N. Sandefur, $80,000

Sunburst Foods Inc. to David Lee Hinceman and wife, $500


China Grove Township

Thomas M. Brooke and others as trustees to North Carolina Railroad Company, $4,500

Bobby J. Oxendine and wife to Conley F. Cooper and wife, $40,000

Steven Rumple and wife to Landis Dental LLC, $116,500

Powell Properties of NC LLC to Ryan T. Robinson, $94,000

Rogers Townsend & Thomas PC as substitute trustee to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $126,500

T-Four LLC to Deborah Ann Ange, $97,000

Kimberly N. Murphy and husband to Samuel A. Gray and wife, $120,000

Tina S. Smith to Marcus Blaine Shore, $44,000

Carl Wesley Carpenter and wife to East Coast Developers Co. LLC, $43,000

Elizabeth B. Hoke to Donald P. Teate Jr., $110,000

Linda Carol Patterson to Phillip Gary Austin, $1,000

CT Hill Properties LLC Inc. to Tricia Staggers and Jason McDougall, $34,000

Stephen M. Greb to Jessica M. Barber, $62,000

True Homes LLC to Carol Lewandowski, $167,500

Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to U.S. Bank, N.A., $89,000

Craft Development LLC to True Homes LLC, $50,000

A & A Rentals LLC to Angela F. Dayvault and husband, $80,000

Tommy Mitchell Martin and wife to Stanley A. Sloop and wife, $25,000

Ron D. Nelma and wife to Geoffrey C. Engel and wife, $44,000

Ben Jenkins IRA LLC to CT Hill Properties LLC, $30,000

Rogers Townsend & Thomas, PC as substitute trustee to Colonial National Mortgage, $77,000

Yadkin Bank to James Phillips, $130,000

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Lloyd Allen Welter and wife, $34,000

Richard L. Shulenburger and wife to Richard D. Monroe and wife, $150,000

Richard L. Shulenburger and wife to Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education, $98,000

Grady I. Ingle as substitute trustee to David Miller Realty & Investment Inc., $55,000

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Stone Properties & Development LLC, $63,000


Cleveland Township
ARNS Inc. to Eddie Miller, $62,000

Harry M. Miller to Robert W. Shenk and wife, $5,000

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc to Cindy Renee Benfield, $70,000

CMH Homes Inc. to Jason Kistler and wife, $161,000


Franklin Township

Thomas A. Strup to Jacob Robert Younce, $98,000

Terry M. Moore and wife and others to Robyn L. Alderson and Theresa L. Sholar, $110,000

Ruth F. Turney to Catawba College, $150,000

Vernon Davidson Jones and wife to Boyce Jay Holshouser, $40,500

Marcia M. Walters to John Claibourne Elam and Eva Radizimirski Lancaster, $309,000

Ronnie W. Rogers to David M. Barrier and wife, $8,500

Mike McCart and wife to Sharon Krazmien Furiano, $84,000

Rogers Townsend & Thomas PC as substitute trustee to U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., $96,500

Jimmy B. Rabon and Carol L. Rabon to Christopher J. Hannold, $5,000

Charles Humston and wife to Matrix Financial Services Corporation, $244,000

Susanna E. Wooten by attorney-in-fact to Leonard R. Beaver and wife, $265,000

Martha K. West to Catawba College, $148,500


Gold Hill Township

James C. Ferguson and wife to David M. Morris Jr. and wife, $38,000

Bonnie Hopkins Karriker and husband and Donna M. Hopkins to Rachel L. Karriker, $78,000

Stephanie West Gifford as successor trustee to Michael Joe Fesperman and wife, $68,000

Ricky and Stephanie Rowland to Greene’s Mobile Home Land Sales Inc., $15,000

Yadkin Bank to Christopher T. Talley and Tracy Talley and wife, $100,000

Deborah Hall Dumont and Frank Dumont to Adam Clay Kluttz, $123,000

John Thomas Frick and Anita P. Frick to Joel V. Richardson and Carol Ann Aldridge, $137,500


Litaker Township

The Robert B. Horand and Patricia Family Revocable Trust and Robert B. Horand and wife to Patsy C. Scerri, $172,500

Patricia L. Holshouser and husband and others to Kristy Cowden, $53,000

Joseph H. Williams and wife to Joan F. Connelly, $87,500

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Bank of America, N.A., $206,000

Joe D. Wright and wife to Desmon Ray Brooks and Angela Michelle Seagle, $165,000

Jody H. Parnell and husband and others to Meredyth H. Fisher and husband, $64,000

Dennis A. Daniels to Amy A. Daniels to Scott A. Lineberry and wife, $306,000

Joshua W. Roberts and wife to Eustace Brian Ehlers and wife, $118,000

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Stone Properties & Development LLC, $26,500

Benjamin L. Bernhardt as executor of the estate to Benjamin L. Bernhardt, $202,000


Locke Township

Mark Alexander Albright as executor of estate and others to Choua Vue, $18,500

George Woodfin Moose and wife to Rodney Dale Power, $22,000

Trent Jerome Shoaf and wife to David L. Dowsett and wife, $119,000

Bank of America, N.A. to Deborah Lynne Musgrave, $85,000

David Kent Rathke and wife to Christopher A. Rathke, $90,500

Shawn E. Browning and Natalie D. Browning to Mario Alfredo Medina Mendoza, $160,000

Jessica Fay Lyons to Robert Wayne Bankhead and wife, $155,000

Bank of North Carolina to Michael L. Turman, $5,000

Equity Trust Company to Natalie Sines, $130,000

Donald D. Sayers as substitute trustee to 20/20 Properties LLC, $89,500

Earl Brooks Moore and wife to Norvel A. Sprinkle and wife, $224,000

MK Affordable Properties LLC to Daniel Paul Myers, $165,000

Brian Haigler and wife to Donald R. Bolick and Jeffrey G. Anderson, $90,000

Mirna Franjul to Trent J. Shoaf and wife, $246,500


Morgan Township

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Mack Brown, $38,000

Nancy A. Fincher and husband to Terry Birdsong and wife, $34,500


Providence Township

Robert Manning Brunson and John Spencer Brunson to Robert Lo Bianco and wife, $164,500

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to Rick A. Wilson and spouse and others, $99,500

Ruby B. Alley to Lawson K. Starnes and wife, $42,500

Mark A. Hayes and wife to Jeremy M. Kesler and wife, $45,000

Arnold D. Cauble and wife to Dennis J. Alsup and wife, $25,000

Sarah Kendricks to Janet D. Menster, $18,000

Clayton D. Maready and Tiffany H. Maready to Edward A. Glenn and wife, $62,500

Mark. A. Wimmer and wife to Susan E. Wagoner and Sidney Allan Barnes, $25,000

Poore Substitute Trustee, LTD to 21st Mortgage Corporation, $286,000

Ronald H. Horton and wife to Thomas Lloyd Byrum and wife, $36,000

General Electric Company to JPI Coastal LLC, $1,975,000


Salisbury Township

Shelia A. James to Gary Lee Drye, $32,000

Angela W. White and Habitat for Humanity of Rowan County, North Carolina Inc. to Nathan Paul Brink and wife, $38,000

Anna C. Stolts to Douglas L. Jacobs and wife, $30,000

Coco Properties LLC to Gateway Freedom Center Inc., $95,000

The Bank of New York Mellon as trustee to The Cognato Group LLC, $51,000

Robert W. Yon and wife to Robin Maria Mathis and husband, $72,500

Taylor’s New Century Enterprises LLC to Destiny City Church, $100,000

Douglas R. Anderson and wife to Joseph S. Mulligan and wife, $205,000

William McClelland and wife to Wade Jurney Homes Inc., $28,500

Sharonview Federal Credit Union to Amanda A. Griffin, $31,000

Jeff D. Rogers as substitute trustee to Branch Banking and Trust Company, $51,000

Suntrust Bank to Timothy Lamonte Leazer, $9,000

Kathy Taylor to Andrea G. Herrera, $30,000

Steve M. Roach to Robert A. Sellie, $56,500

Richard A. Manger as substitute trustee to Bank of North Carolina, $44,500

Edward H. Clement and wife and Historic Salisbury Foundation Inc. to Elaine Spalding and husband, $93,000

Kenneth J. Vandervelde and Vicki M. Vandervelde to Keith R. Turner, $113,000

Ralph Henry Morgan to Sonya Phillips Baxley, $10,000

Timothy L. Sykes and spouse to Antonia Dieujuste, $27,500

Joanna S. Cantrell and and through attorney-in-fact and Marianna Walker Givens as executrix of estate to Richard A. Bellis and wife, $51,000

Eddie Hampton Investment Properties LLC to Jennifer B. Cline, $69,000

Alan L. Pozyck individually and as executor of estate and wife and Stephen S. Pozyck and wife, $15,000

Tullo Enterprises LLC to Carlton A. Jackson Jr. and wife, $262,000

Eddie Hampton Investment Properties LLC to Regency Retirement LLC, $1,500,000

William Mark Lineberger and wife to Vicki Lineberger Biggers, $25,000

Robert W. Collins, III and wife by and through attorney-in-fact to C. Craig Lyerly Jr. and wife, $40,000

Rogers Townsend & Thomas, PC as substitute trustee to CitiFinancial Servicing LLC, $36,000


Unity Township

Donna Long Brazell and husband and others to Lamar Nolt and wife, $78,000


Scotch-Irish Township

Allen E. Cashion and wife to Tammy Harris, $15,000